Review of “Coraline” – The 2009 Film

An 11-year-old girl, Coraline, moves to an unappealing, run-down home in Ashland, Oregon part of the Pink Palace apartments. She misses her friends from Pontiac, Michigan, where she had lived prior. If that’s not bad enough, Coraline doesn’t have the best relationship with her parents, especially her mom, who is quite harsh. When they’re onContinue reading “Review of “Coraline” – The 2009 Film”

Critique of “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” – The 2014 film

The movie begins with a highly intelligent dog, Mr. Peabody, speaking from an elite apartment in New York City. He discusses different accomplishments that he’s achieved, such as teaching people about world peace. His adoptive son, Sherman, joins. He also gets the spotlight and discusses more topics. Later, the two go through a time machine,Continue reading “Critique of “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” – The 2014 film”

Review of “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” (2022)

Puss throws a hectic party in a mansion that belongs to the governor of Del Mar… only for a giant to put everybody in danger. Puss successfully defeats the giant – until a bell crushes him. He learns from a doctor that his 8 out of 9 lives have been completed, and he has 1Continue reading “Review of “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” (2022)”

How My Views On Each “Shrek” Movie Stand Out From the Crowd

The Shrek films have played a huge part in my childhood. I remember seeing the first (then the only one) movie in the front row at a cinema near me when I was 7. When the sequel came out, it didn’t please me at first. However, over time, I gained interest in it. Then cameContinue reading “How My Views On Each “Shrek” Movie Stand Out From the Crowd”

Review of “Scoob” (2020)

Ten years ago (in the movie), a young boy named Norville Rogers (a.k.a., Shaggy) walks down Los Angeles. Desperate for a friend, he meets a talking-puppy, who calls himself Scooby. A cop almost penalizes Shaggy for taking a stray dog with him… until Shaggy “reveals” Scooby’s middle name. The officer lets him go. On HalloweenContinue reading “Review of “Scoob” (2020)”

Review of “The Boss Baby” (2017)

I saw the trailer for this film many times. At some point, I was on a plane and decided to give this movie a try. I had no idea what the plot was until I watched it. The story is narrated by a man named Tim. It focuses on when he was 7 years oldContinue reading “Review of “The Boss Baby” (2017)”

Critique of “ParaNorman” (2012)

ParaNorman portrays a young boy, named Norman Babcock, who can talk to the dead. He is the only one who can see ghosts. However, others don’t understand him and they think he is crazy… except for a heavy kid named Neil, who gets excited by Norman’s special powers. But Norman is given a task toContinue reading “Critique of “ParaNorman” (2012)”

Details I Noticed in “The South Park Movie” (1999)

I’ve been a fan of South Park for years. I also watched the movie in recent times and I enjoyed it. Obviously, I didn’t see it in theatres since I was only 5 when it came out. But when I re-watch movies, I pick up on more and more details, including those in The SouthContinue reading “Details I Noticed in “The South Park Movie” (1999)”

Review of “Ice Age” (2002)

Warning: Contains Spoilers*** One of the greatest prehistoric-set movies of all time is Ice Age. I am amazed how much effort the creators did to use prehistoric creatures. They got to use pretty much any kind, except dinosaurs. The three main characters’ voice actors did such a great job with their roles. John Leguizamo expressedContinue reading “Review of “Ice Age” (2002)”

My Favorite Moments from “Shrek 1” and “Shrek 2”

The first Shrek film came out in 2001. The sequel was released in 2004, the third one in 2007, and the fourth in 2010. Various shorts and spinoffs related to this film franchise came along, as well. Here, though, I am only going to discuss my favorite moments in the first and second Shrek movies.Continue reading “My Favorite Moments from “Shrek 1” and “Shrek 2””