My Favorite Moments from “Shrek 1” and “Shrek 2”

The first Shrek film came out in 2001. The sequel was released in 2004, the third one in 2007, and the fourth in 2010. Various shorts and spinoffs related to this film franchise came along, as well.

Here, though, I am only going to discuss my favorite moments in the first and second Shrek movies. While the third one displeased many, I enjoyed it very much. In fact, so many of the third film’s moments cracked me up. But the review for that is on another post.

So, let the lists begin!

Shrek 1

“I’m making waffles”

Donkey said this around the beginning of the movie, when Shrek still had issues with anyone in his swamp. Despite that, Donkey still showed interest in befriending him.

“What are you doing in my swamp?!”

It’s such an iconic line. Although Shrek made himself unlikable, this quote still stands out to me and even makes me want to come back to that clip often.

“Welcome to Duloc” song

When Donkey and Shrek go to a stadium, Donkey checks out something at the information area. It turns out to show a bunch of little figures explaining Duloc’s rules in a song.

Although something that would gloss over a child’s head shocked me a bit, I still admire the idea and execution of this moment.

Duloc fight scene

Donkey and Shrek make their way into Lord Farquaad’s stadium, as he announces his plan on who will rescue Princess Fiona. Shrek and Donkey arrive, which shocks everyone. Lord Farquaad changes his plan, which is for the competitors to kill Shrek.

The fight begins as Shrek drinks a beverage, breaks a barrel, which spills the rest of that liquid. The moves include mostly wrestling and hockey ones.

One of the best parts is when the audience applauds, and Shrek does his roar, but in a way to praise, and not scare them. I also admire Lord Farquaad’s reaction to Shrek, calling him, “hideous.” And Shrek’s response, while directing his hand to Donkey, was “Ah, that’s not very nice. It’s just a donkey.”

Speaking of which, Donkey hummed the tune to “Welcome to Duloc,” which annoyed Shrek. Despite Shrek’s threat to smack Donkey’s bottom, I laugh at this moment.

Shrek in the Swamp Karaoke Dance Party

Although it is not part of the main story, this special feature has different characters sing various songs popular at the time of its release. Each character sings a verse or a few of a certain song, and then another character (or more) starts another. I watch this on YouTube a lot.

Shrek 2

The “I Need a Hero” number

The fairy godmother sings this at a ball as Shrek and his swamp buddies rush to it in order to stop Prince Charming from kissing Fiona.

Despite the fairy godmother’s wickedness and prejudice toward ogres, she performed an amazing job with the song.

It starts off with a slow intro, and Charming, pretending to be Shrek under the effects of the happily-ever-after potion, asking Fiona to dance. She hesitates as the crowd chants for them to dance, which they do.

During the chorus of “I Need a Hero,” the scenes switch back from the dancing and Shrek traveling on Mongo, a dumb, but determined, giant gingerbread cookie, that Shrek and his swamp pals go with to stop Charming from kissing Fiona.

Fairy Godmother’s introduction song

After the fight at dinner between Shrek and King Harold, Fiona cries on the balcony – only for the fairy godmother to show up and make things “better.” Her song engages me as does her magic. She can do so much with it, although it could have had some limits, as audiences expect for fantasy works. Maybe it did, but no one got a chance to explain them.

“I’m wearing ladies’ underwear.”

Yes, the movie is rated PG, which was pretty much like the G rating during the 90s and 00s. However, dirty or raunchy content happens a lot in the Shrek movies, even though most of the moments gloss over kids’ heads.

Anyway, this scene shows the swamp pals rescuing Shrek, Donkey, and Puss. Pinocchio descends into the dungeon and he has to quickly tell a lie. When he doesn’t know what to say, Donkey suggests something crazy, which is wearing ladies’ underwear.

Somehow, Pinocchio is wearing a thong and denies it over and over again, which causes his nose to grow. Then Gingy saves Shrek, Doney, and Puss.

Despite how far this might have gone, I still love this!


The Shrek movies still matter to me as they played a big role for entertainment in my childhood. There is also talk of a fifth Shrek film coming out, which I don’t feel too happy about.

Yet, I enjoy the Shrek franchise – the first 3 are the best for me.

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