Details I Noticed in “The South Park Movie” (1999)

I’ve been a fan of South Park for years. I also watched the movie in recent times and I enjoyed it. Obviously, I didn’t see it in theatres since I was only 5 when it came out.

But when I re-watch movies, I pick up on more and more details, including those in The South Park Movie. So, here are the things I noticed.

1: The main characters’ dads don’t really play big roles

The moms are more involved with their goals. But the fathers are minor characters who don’t express much. In fact, they don’t get any spoken lines.

2: The dads apparently didn’t have to cut their hair when they joined the army

In real life, soldiers have to wear their hair above their ears. And it’s for safety. Although the intended audience is adults, I found it odd that the main characters’ fathers got to keep their hair as was when in the military.

3: The extras aren’t consistent

This was especially noticeable in the musical numbers, “It’s Easy, M’kay” and “La Resistance.” Different children come and go.

4: Mr. Mackey’s chalkboards act like they’re Magical

When Mr. Mackey gives cleaner alternatives for the words the kids have been saying, he points to one chalkboard after the other. But the words just appear there without anyone writing or erasing them. Unless magic exists in South Park, this is a bit sloppy.

5: The children get into the Terrence and Philip Movie without supervision

When the four main characters try to buy tickets for the film, they’re denied them since it’s rated R. So, they pay a homeless man to purchase their tickets for them.

However, after the song, “It’s Easy, M’kay”, they all somehow got into the room where the Terrence and Philip Movie played, without any adult supervision. That’s what I call a plot hole or inconsistency.

6: The soldiers have clones

When watching the scenes with soldiers, a lot of them have the same appearances. Apparently, they have clones. Maybe this was for budget reasons and production timing, though.

So, there you have it.

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5 thoughts on “Details I Noticed in “The South Park Movie” (1999)

  1. South Park is incredible. I truly believe it will go down in history as one of the greatest social commentaries on our country that there is.

    1. I agree. Is there any detail on the list that you didn’t notice before. For me, the biggest ones were how the dads didn’t play much, and how the military extras looked like they had clones.

      1. I didn’t notice the dads so much because they do play much bigger roles throughout the series. And as for the soldiers, I wouldn’t expect much differentiation between them, especially with the basic animation techniques thst they use for South Park.

  2. South Park is incredible. I truly believe it will go down I history as one of the greatest social commentaries on the these times that exists.

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