Harry Potter

***Contains spoilers – I would recommend reading or watching the installment before viewing the post.


“Harry Potter” Mystery: Are Godparent Roles Different for Wizards?

“Harry Potter” Mystery: Are Wizards Immune to Hypothermia?

“Harry Potter” Mystery: Are Wizards Not as Concerned About Safety as Muggles?

“Harry Potter” Mystery: Do Wizards’ Brains Work Differently Than Muggles’?

“Harry Potter” Mystery: Do Wizards Care About Cleanliness or Sanitation?

“Harry Potter” Mystery: Does J.K. Rowling Really Know What 20-Somethings Look Like?

“Harry Potter” Mystery: How Could Almost Every 6th Year Turn 17 by April in “The Half-Blood Prince?”

“Harry Potter” Mystery: How Have No Muggles Felt Sorry for Harry When the Dursleys Abused Him?

“Harry Potter” Mystery: How Would a Modern-Day, Muggle-Born First-Year Likely Feel at Magic School?

“Harry Potter” Mystery: The Skipped Month of August in the First Film of the Franchise (2001)

“Harry Potter” Mystery: What Happened to Lily and James’ Bodies Between Their Deaths and Burials?

“Harry Potter” Mystery: What Would Happen if Students Put Anything, But Their Names, in the Goblet of Fire?

“Harry Potter” Mystery: Why Does Dumbledore Get a Say in Where Harry Lives?

“Harry Potter” Mystery: Why Don’t We Hear About Wizards with Disabilities?

“Harry Potter” Mystery: Why Hasn’t Anyone Been Nice to Harry Before His 11th Birthday?


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