My Top Unanswered Questions About “The PowerPuff Girls”

I became a big fan of this show at about 7 years old. I reunited with it at age 26 or 27.

As I watched some of the episodes, there are some unanswered questions I have. 

Why would Cartoon Network let the episode with Cooties air?

In the episode, “Cootie Gras,” the kids at Pokey Oaks’, the school where the powerpuff girls go to, a kid is revealed to have Cooties. Even the girls themselves avoid him and have nightmares about him.

As a child, I had no problem with this episode. However, as an adult, I find this to be highly insensitive. I don’t think it should have been aired.

There are people out there who have disabilities where it’s harder for them to control themselves. There are also such thing a medical conditions where people may have sanitation issues.

Maybe that was the issue with that little boy that everyone feared because of his germs. I could be wrong, though.

Why did Santa Claus say that he had hundreds of years with no one being naughty, despite his permanent naughty plaque? 

In the special, “Twas the Fight Before Christmas,” the girls chase Princess Morbucks to the north pole. After Princess throws a tantrum, Santa figures out that Princess has been so naughty that he puts her on the permanent naughty plaque – where kids who have been too despicable are placed and will never get Christmas presents again.

Despite that, though, Santa says that he has had hundreds of years with no one being naughty. Another flaw is that although he also gives presents to adults, Princess is the only one naughty. 

But there are so many villains in the show. I’m guessing that Princess was the only child on his naughty kids-sticky note.

Why is Rainbow the Clown at the girls’ birthday party after he harmed Townsville, knocked Blossom and Buttercup unconscious, and got locked up for all that?

Rainbow the clown is first introduced in the episode, “Mime for a Change.” 

After entertaining at a child’s birthday party, a truck spills bleach onto him. His colors drip and he turns black and white, officially becoming the evil Mr. Mime. From that point on, he turns Townsville into a black and white city as well as removes all the sound.

As stated in the question, he knocks Blossom and Buttercup unconscious. Then at some point, the powerpuff girls return the color to the city and turn Mr. Mime back into Rainbow the clown. Even though he thanks them, they beat him up and he is thrown in jail.

So, it doesn’t make sense that he would attend the girls’ birthday party in the episode, “Birthday Bash.” And when Blossom and Buttercup first meet him (Bubbles isn’t with them in this scene), he is Mr. Mime.  

This is a major flaw.

If he tried to reconcile with the girls, they couldn’t possibly forgive him. Even if he attempted to reconcile with them, which would take forever, there is no way they would allow him at their birthday party.

Therefore, unless he somehow made everyone forget what he did to Townsville and was released from jail, it is not believable for the powerpuff girls to let him attend their party. He shouldn’t have been there – or even allowed in society.

Someone on a fan page even said that he could have been a look-alike. I don’t blame them.


Do you have any unanswered questions about The PowerPuff Girls? Let me know in the comments if you’d like.

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