The Most Memorable Moments From the Show, “Recess”

Aired in 1997 till the 2000s, this show focuses on 6 fourth graders who aim to protect the other kids at their school playground. They include:

  • T.J. – The main character and leader of his friend group, and enjoys planning pranks against the teachers.
  • Vince – an athletic kid who uses his physical strength to his advantage.
  • Ashley – a girl who is a tomboy that uses violence to solve her problems.
  • Gretchen – a girl who is highly intelligent with a strong academic record.
  • Mikey – a huge kid who is kindhearted and loves playing sports, especially soccer.
  • Gus – a kid who was new to the fourth grade. He comes from a military family, which prompts him to move around a lot.

I enjoyed this show as a kid, although I did watch some of it in my adulthood. Below are the most memorable moments for me.

1: When Ashley has to spend the weekend with Miss Finster

In the episode, “Weekend at Muriel’s,” Ashley spends the weekend with Miss Finster since her parents asked for it while they were away. She has to do certain errands with her, but the stay ends up being okay.

I would never have imagined such an idea for an episode like this. I felt that it gave Ashley a different perspective of Miss Finster by seeing her good side. No character should be all good or all bad.

2: The idea of staring into the wall as a punishment

Typical school punishments include things like loss of privileges, being sent to the principal’s office, or getting detention (in middle or high school). But in the show, students who break school rules have to stare into a wall.

I find this to be very creative since it’s a unique idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if some schools already do this.

3: When Vince disobeys his parents to see the movie everyone at school talks about

In the episode, “Me Know No,” Vince wants to see a movie, Nitwit Kid 3. However, his parents will not let him.

He brainstorms ways to see it secretly. He even claimed that Miss Finster, who also bought a ticket to see it, is his aunt.

I rooted for Vince to see the movie, even though his parents forbade it. I always disliked it when adults were too unfair on kids. So, in this episode, I felt sorry for Vince.

4: The plan to take away summer break in the movie

A man, Dr. Benedict, plans to interfere with the moon’s positions and distance from the sun in order to create an everlasting winter. That way, kids would have to stay indoors.

I loved when T.J. pointed out that wintry weather wouldn’t stop kids from riding their bikes or having fun. I agree with him.

5: The theme opening tune

The tune starts off with a drumbeat, followed by catchy brass band music. It goes well with the kids on the playground and even when they must go back inside the school.


What do you think of my picks? Do you have any of your own? Let me know in the comments if you wish.

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