My Journey with the Show, “Ed, Edd n Eddy”

This show aired on Cartoon Network from 1999 to 2008. It focused on three boys, who often did crazy things in their neighborhood. They would also drive the other children crazy.

If you’ve watched it, you probably know that Ed was the silliest, Edd (or Double Dee, as others usually called him) was a little less silly, although he wore a sock as a hat, and Eddy was about as humorous as Ed, and also creative.

I loved it as a child.

I discovered this show when I was 7. I laughed throughout many episodes. I’d sometimes play pretend with my brother using Ed, Edd n Eddy scenarios, including some that we’d made up ourselves.

Below are some memorable moments from the series:

When Eddy lost his voice from swallowing a bug

In the episode, “Button Yer Ed,” Eddy swallows a bug and loses his voice. The other two decide to give him a bell to ring as a way to communicate.

I found that quite creative. One time, Eddy rang his bell, and Ed thought he was hungry. So, he took some food on a spoon and directed it to Eddy, saying, “Here comes the choo-choo.”

When he regains his voice, he acknowledges that he can talk again. But he is hanging from a tree and calls for help – except that no one comes.

When Johnny kept asking, “Why” to Sarah

I don’t remember what episode this was from, but Sarah, who’s always irritable, yells at Johnny. One part that stands out to me is when Sarah answered to Johnny, “Because you’re stupid!” Then Johnny continued to ask “why?”

Every time I think about this scene, I think to myself as if I could talk to the characters, Johnny, knock it off. And, Sarah, be nice.

When the main leads opened up a “restaurant” in their living room, and Ed was served as a turkey, while in his birthday suit

This happened in the episode, “Ponce de la Eds.” The three boys serve Johnny “Ed Turkey.” But it’s Ed on a plate and naked. Not surprisingly, that disappoints Johnny and the other kids.

It also annoyed Eddy – but that was no surprise.

When I saw it as an adult 

Unlike certain other shows from my childhood, I did not regain interest in this one after the Covid-19 Pandemic hit.

However, when I watched it at a friend’s house, it bored me. Not only that…

Some parts grossed me out.

Aside from the tongues being unusual colors, the characters, especially the main ones, would lick or show saliva at strange times. I covered my eyes during those parts.

Would I still recommend it?

The answer is yes. Those displeasing aspects that I experienced when rewatching it as an adult won’t necessarily dissatisfy others, not even other adults. 

The parts I enjoyed as a child might appeal to kids today, even though this show came out before their time. They could also laugh while watching the cartoon like I used to.

There are some childhood shows that I enjoy again, and others not so much. But you might still like Ed, Edd n Eddy.

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