Review of “Jimmy Timmy Power Hour” (2004)

These figures are only meant to communicate this post’s message – they are NOT the characters

This becomes a 3-part series, but here, I will only review the first one from 2004.

The story begins in the Fairly OddParents universe. Everyone in Mr. Crocker’s class has prepared for his or her science project – except for Timmy.

Anxious about failing the upcoming science fair, Timmy wishes to enter the greatest lab in Dimsdale, which turns out to be his friend, AJ’s. That dissatisfies him since he worries about touching AJ’s stuff. So, he wishes to go to the greatest lab in the universe. Cosmo and Wanda grant his wish, and that takes him to the world Jimmy Neutron resides in.

While Jimmy upgrades Goddard, his robot dog, Timmy messes with Jimmy’s inventions. Not long after, Jimmy accidentally teleports himself into Dimsdale with Timmy’s poofer. That leaves Timmy stuck in Retroville.

He inserts his Decimator video game CD into Goddard’s upgrading machine, which accidentally turns him into a monster. Meanwhile, Jimmy ends up in Dimsdale, and everybody assumes that he is Timmy wearing a disguise. Things go insane from there.

I enjoyed this crossover a lot. It even received great overall ratings and reviews. 

Some of my favorite moments include:

  • When Timmy uses Jimmy’s brain drainer (from the Jimmy Neutron episode, “Normal Boy) and goes, “I’m loopy, I’m loopy.”
  • Cosmo nicknaming Jimmy, “Fudgehead”
  • Jimmy’s reaction to becoming a 2D character, and Timmy’s response to turning into a CGI
  • The pop culture references
  • AJ’s clones and how they mimic his behavior

That being said, the crossover isn’t without its flaws. For instance, Chester and AJ are Timmy’s best friends. However, they do not treat him well. This occurred in many other episodes, too, so maybe Timmy should reconsider his friendships with them.

Another problem that happens is that Timmy cheated on something to satisfy himself. 

Nevertheless, I would recommend The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour. It has a good amount of humor and cleverness.

Would you want to watch this crossover? If you’ve already seen it, what did you think?

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