My Favorite Moments from “Rick and Morty”

Unlike many other TV shows, I never watched “Rick and Morty” on live television as I had discontinued that by then. It was 2016, when I had moved on from live TV as did many people.

I discovered certain moments from “Rick and Morty” through YouTube. I enjoyed them and decided to check out the episodes.

These include my favorite moments from the episodes I’ve seen. Not only that…there is also a bonus moment that is not in any episode.

“Big Trouble in Little Sanchez”

1: The high school dance scene

I loved when Tiny Rick went to the high school dance and made a dance of his own, even though the lyrics contained content related to emergencies.

The lyrics were about wanting to be let out and begging for help. The last part was when Tiny Rick stated that he was dying in a garage.

Right after that, one of the school administrators pulled Tiny Rick out of the dance, calmly explained how the school cannot allow students to kill teachers, and gently expels him

Furious, Tiny Rick yells at Summer for telling everyone that he was just an old man in a younger person’s body. All the students boo at Summer, and she leaves the dance in tears.

I found Tiny Rick’s dance was creative and intriguing, despite the seriousness of the lyrics. 

But when Tiny Rick was expelled, not only was it too gentle – but he was allowed back in the dance.

We all know what would happen in real life if someone did the kind of harm Tiny Rock did. But it’s a cartoon, so it can get away with unrealistic moments.

2: When Morty yells at Summer to get her stuff together

Well… it was actually a four-letter word Morty used instead of stuff. But he is mad at Summer for how she is treating Tiny Rick. He even tells her to put her “stuff” into a “stuff” museum. That made me laugh.

“Raising Gazorpazorp”

Morty convinces Rick to buy a robot, which Morty has a baby with. The baby grows up into something dangerous, despite Morty’s urge to teach him right from wrong. 

Meanwhile, Summer and Rick end up on Gazorpazorp, where Summer discovers it’s a place where women rule. She has to claim that Rick is her “slave” in order for the other ladies to trust her.

Here are my favorite parts from this episode:

1: When Morty has to to tell his son, named Morty Jr. that killing is bad

It is in a gazorpian’s nature to want to murder others. So, as Morty raises his alien son, Morty Jr., Morty Jr. gives Morty a picture of the two of them killing

Morty tells his kid that killing is bad, but the child thinks he’s being silly – even though he’s serious. He tries to distract Morty Jr. with dancing, which is playing after Morty turns on the TV. He also strictly forbids his son from leaving the house because “the air is too poisonous for him.”

Not surprisingly, Morty’s parents, Beth and Jerry, consider Morty’s parenting skills terrible. 

The moments that stand out to me include a man dancing on TV in a position that would be super-uncomfortable for most people, a “Lord of the Flies” reference in a drawing that Morty Jr. had made, and above all – when Morty says, “Killing is bad – bad.”

2: When Morty bans his son from watching the History Channel

When Morty Jr. is in his teens, Morty catches him smoking, and yells at him. He also gives him other suggestions for having fun. But Morty Jr. resists and still wants to rule the planet.

Morty turns off the television and bans his kid from viewing the History Channel. He states that the TV is merely for cartoons and video games.

Mr. Jr. has had enough, runs outside (and discovers that the air is perfectly safe for him), starts destroying things, and tries to kill people.

Jerry drives Morty to his son. Morty talks to his child about how everyone has flaws and that there are other ways to express his thoughts. An author shows up and suggests to Morty Jr. to write books for that.

Bonus: The parody of “You’re Welcome” from “Moana”

This video is only found on YouTube. Rick’s face is on top of Maui’s, and Morty’s is on Moana’s.

The lyrics are similar as is the context. Of course, they are more explicit as the show is intended for adults. The concept also differs a bit, such as when Rick turned Morty into a car, and helped him from preventing flatulence.


I have seen a couple of other “Rick and Morty” episodes. However, I did not watch enough to consider myself a fan.

Luckily, my family has HBO Max. So, I can check out more episodes there.

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