The Top Unanswered Questions About “The Lion King” I Wish Would be Answered

Disney’s The Lion King succeeded so much in the history of films. It remains as many people’s favorite movie. 

It had sequels, a TV show known as The Timon & Pumbaa Show, and another one called The Lion Guard. Then the live-action remake came along, but didn’t do nearly as well as the animated film. 

Anyway, I do have some questions that have not been answered. These are unique to me. 

Also, there will be spoilers! You’ve been warned if you haven’t seen The Lion King yet. 

So, without further ado, I will get started. 

1: Why do only Simba and Nala age, and no one else does? 

Did you notice this detail? It happens in pretty much every cartoon. Characters often stay the same age forever. 

Why? Because everyone involved in the making of cartoons has to deal with time, budgets, and design execution. It would cost too much money and take too much time for the character designers to make their characters older as time went by. 

The only exception would be if it needed to happen for plot purposes. 

So, that is probably why nobody, other than Simba and Nala age. Plus, Disney animals are never really scientifically accurate.

2: What happened with Sarabi and Simba after the “Circle of Life” number?

While Mufasa gave Scar a hard time about missing the presentation of Simba at the beginning of the film, he didn’t mention what Sarabi and Simba were doing.

I would assume that Rafiki returned Simba to Sarabi, or maybe another lioness looked after him.

3: Did Sarabi ever find out about Simba and Nala going to the elephant graveyard?

Despite Mufasa’s warning to Simba that he should never go there, Simba goes anyway, and even takes Nala. Of course, they do face danger with the hyenas – until Mufasa saves them.

He gets mad at Simba and lectures him for a little bit. However, he moves on shortly after to the point where he really is no longer angry. So, maybe he hid it from Sarabi, who may have reacted similarly to her son purposely going somewhere dangerous.

But what I notice is that Sarabi has very little screen time in The Lion King and is quite a minor character. I also feel that she isn’t exactly the most developed, either. Yet, that may have been important for the story.

That being said, she is still likable. She is easy and sweet with Simba, but the opposite with Scar, as Mufasa generally is… until he dies.

4: If there were humans, would they have been able to communicate with the animals?

There are no people in The Lion King, so this might remain a mystery. However, humans and animals rarely speak to each other in Disney films. So, maybe the animals would just make their natural sounds around people if they were there.


Pretty much every work of fiction, written or visual, has unanswered questions. Regardless of this post, I don’t spend my time dwelling or obsessing over these mysteries.

I still enjoy The Lion King as it is.

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