My Favorite Episodes From “SpongeBob SquarePants”

I am big a fan of “SpongeBob SquarePants,” although not a longtime one. For many years, I’d lost interest in it, but then I got back into it.

Now I play songs from the show a lot, like when I wash dishes or lift weights.

Anyway, here are my favorite episodes.

6: “Employee of the Month”

SpongeBob has been awarded as employee of the month several times. But Squidward might be nominated this time. Both he and SpongeBob aggressively compete.

The way Squidward and SpongeBob handle the situation was crazy and extreme at times, but still funny. This is one of the episodes that made me laugh my brains out.

5: “Ripped Pants”

SpongeBob is spending time at Goo Lagoon with Sandy and enjoying it. Larry the lobster then invites both of them to lift weights. SpongeBob fails… and ends up ripping his pants. He becomes passionate about that and shows it to others.

One of the best parts of the episode is the song SpongeBob and a few other creatures sing, also called “Ripped Pants.” Even though SpongeBob’s voice changes (and I hear that it never gets explained how), the tune is catchy and fun. The whole episode is awesome, though.

4: “Grandma’s Kisses”

SpongeBob visits his grandma, who welcomes him sweetly. She also offers him cookies and tells him stories. But when SpongeBob needs to go to work, his grandmother offers him a ride, and then kisses him.

Unfortunately, everyone at the Krusty Krab laughs at him and makes fun of him. SpongeBob decides to change his attitudes and act more grown-up like.

Yet when he and Patrick choose that plan, Patrick elects to be a “baby” at SpongeBob’s grandma’s house. While SpongeBob attempts to “be an adult,” he envies Patrick and his true feelings show.

I must admit how much I enjoyed this episode. I laughed when SpongeBob got publicly humiliated by the others at the Krusty Krab, even though I hate when it happens in real life. 

Another moment that I could relate to practically 100% was when SpongeBob cried about not wanting to grow up, wanting to be a baby again, and became a major sob-fest.

Due to a personal experience in my life, I felt that way too at various times (except not wanting to be a baby). I can relate more to that scene than most others.

3: “Band Geeks”

This is an all-time favorite from many fans. And I am one of them.

Squidward wants to conduct a band to play at the bubble bowl since another octopus desires the same thing. However, none of the others can play instruments. Rather, they fight with each other.

Dang, this episode cracked me up several times. And one of my favorite moments is when Patrick asks, “Is mayonnaise an instrument?” Lol, who doesn’t love that line?

2: “I Was a Teenage Gary”

When SpongeBob is invited to a jelly-fishing trip by Patrick, he declines since he has no one to watch his snail, Gary. But Squidward agrees to look after Gary when he finds out that SpongeBob and Patrick will be away the whole weekend going jelly-fishing.

However, Squidward gets so distracted relaxing in the sun that he forgets to take care of Gary. So, SpongeBob takes Gary to the vet to receive snail plasma – only for it to accidentally inject into him instead.

This episode cracks me up a lot. I laugh hard numerous times—especially at these specific moments.

SpongeBob turns into a snail and experiences the process of it. First, he eats all the snail food and gives Gary an empty bowl. Then he meows and walks too slowly.

His eyes pop out and grow, followed by his arms and legs reversing into body, then his back arising, and losing his ability to speak. He can only meow.

When Squidward sees SpongeBob, who is now a snail, he screams and runs away from him. At some point, his house turns upside down due to the chaos occurring, and then the snail plasma injects Squidward, too. Then Gary, SpongeBob, and Squidward, now snails, sing a song at night.

What surprised me is that after SpongeBob’s snail transformation, he went to Squidward for help. It’s hard to know that since SpongeBob can no longer talk at that moment. Plus, Squidward feared him.

I watch clips of this episode on YouTube a lot.

And finally…

1: “Goo-goo Gas”

Okay, you may be looking at this like I have two heads. It came out when most people considered the episodes after the 2004 movie displeasing. While those I didn’t see could be bad, this one made me laugh the most and hardest.

After Mr. Krabs catches Plankton trying to steal the secret formula to the crabby patties, Plankton decides to turn him into a baby with a special gas he calls goo-goo gas. However, his gas doesn’t work the way he wants, so he brainstorms other ideas.

I laughed so hard at this episode, that my mom made me take deep breaths. I love this episode very much.

In fact, when I first saw it, I had not known that the “SpongeBob” episodes that came out from 2005 and on were unpopular. But now, except for this one, I probably won’t see those episodes.


What are your favorite SpongeBob episodes? Please let me know in the comments section below if you’d like.

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  1. I absolutely love the old Spongebob episodes and I have them all on video. I am not ashamed to admit that I bought them for myself and not for my daughter. 🙂

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