The Most Memorable “Muppets” Moments

The Muppets amused many of us. Whether it came from Kermit the frog, who shows care and ease, Miss Piggy, who loves Kermit, but also can get on his and others nerves at times, Fozzie Bear, who expresses enthusiasm and humor, and many more characters who entertain audiences.

That being said, when I was 16, I’d found the Muppets to be a bit annoying and hard to empathize with. However, as I matured, I learned to acknowledge that the Muppets didn’t intend to make people impatient.

Thanks to some of my friends in recent years, I regained interest in the Muppets franchise. I saw the film from 1979 as well as some episodes from The Muppet Show originally from the 70’s.

Now without further ado, let’s review the most memorable bits.

“The Rainbow Connection” song

I first discovered this song back in the 5th grade, when participating in the intermediate (upper elementary school) chorus. We sang this at the spring concert.

However, I hadn’t known that singing number originated from the Muppets’ franchise, more specifically The Muppet Movie released in 1979. I had learned that it did come from that movie a little later in that school year.

But in 2019, my friend invited me to see it at a local movie theatre for the 40th anniversary. In fact, the song, “The Rainbow Connection,” is the opening number for the film.

Kermit sits on a log and plays the (presumably) banjo, and sings the song. I assume that it represents his loneliness. However, the melody is beautiful and I even play it from my phone’s music library.

That’s right, I don’t use Spotify or Pandora. But that’s another topic.

The lyrics depict certain life lessons as well as Kermit’s feelings. His voice also pairs well with the tune, although I did find him to sound flat a few times. Nevertheless, this song is sweet.

“Movin’ Right Along” song

This also came from The Muppet Movie. Fozzie Bear volunteers to give Kermit a ride to Hollywood. During this time, the two break out into the song, “Movin’ Right Along.”

Like “The Rainbow Connection,” it shares different life lessons and the importance of teamwork and friendship.

While some of the elements mentioned in the number are outdated for today (yellow cab, hitchhiking, and print maps), and that did feel kind of awkward, they were up-to-date for the late 70’s. So, that doesn’t count as a glaring flaw.

Yet, the tune is catchy, quick, and fun. One part that stands out is where Kermit and Fozzie spot Big Bird from Sesame Street and ask him if he’d like a lift. But Big Bird declines since he is traveling to New York City to break into public television.

This is my second favorite song from The Muppet Movie.

A jungle backstage in The Muppet Show

In the TV program, there is an episode with a special guest named Valerie Harper. Statler falls in love with Valerie Harper, but while he waits, George the janitor waters a plant. The plant then grows into a jungle reaching the backstage section. What also occurs is Tarzan performing his signature scream backstage, although the audience can’t see him.

Could you imagine if this happened in real life? It sure wouldn’t be funny. And no way would someone dress as Tarzan and do that, “Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!” I think we’d all know what kinds of problems would occur. But in a sitcom, it can still make people laugh.

When a cake came to life in The Muppet Show

During Swedish Chef’s part, when he sings in Gibberish and tries to prepare food, there is a time where he attempts to slice a cake – only for it to come to life and talk. That startled and scarred me a bit. I was impressed how Swedish Chef handled it so calmly.

If I were in his position, where I tried to cut a cake, but it unexpectedly came to life and spoke… I would scream and jump back. Not only that, I would freak out and panic like crazy, clueless on what to do. If I couldn’t reach my parents, I’d probably call 911.

From that point forward, I would not just avoid eating cake, but I’d also get scared looking at cakes. The sights would trigger me to that moment where a cake came to life and talked.

I believe I’d also suffer from severe trauma and would need endless counseling and therapy.

And that cake coming to life and speaking happening in The Muppet Show – ya know – for all ages, including kids. Oh, well, at least food can’t become alive in real life.


The Muppets shared great humor, life lessons, and set good examples. Of course, not everyone enjoys them. Not everyone admires Disney, in general. But I would gladly recommend the classic Muppet TV programs and films from the 20th century, more than the ones made in recent years.

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