Review of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”

Two twin boys named Zack and Cody live in a hotel with their single (or widowed or divorced) mom. They do fun things together, along with two older girls named London, who is wealthy, and Maddie, who is smart. They make viewers laugh (and maybe cry) throughout their humor, actions, and more.

The show presented a lot of funny moments. A memorable one is when London learned how to swim and almost kissed her love interest, but accidentally kissed a duck float.

The episode where Zack and Cody cut school and went to the mall because they missed the bus was very clever. They did as much as possible to avoid getting into trouble.

But their mom eventually caught them and punished them with losing all their privileges. I especially found it amusing when she punished Cody (I don’t think it applied to Zack) with no reading for fun.

For the record, reading for fun is actually good for your brain. Studies even show that kids who read for fun perform better in school. But that’s a different topic.

There was also an episode where London wrote a picture book and read it to a group of little kids. But then she got in trouble for copyright infringement. Law officials even showed up and the children gave up with London. Imagine if this happened to you (and no, it would not be good at all)?

When Zack and Cody started high school, they rehearsed for High School Musical and London received the part of Sharpay. The characters wanted Maddie to play her, but she was too kind.

I read that the casting crew of the actual High School Musical movie thought Ashley Tisdale was too nice to play Sharpay.

A part that stood out to me was when Mr. Blaine, the school’s drama teacher, told Cody he looked like Zac Efron, who played Troy in HSM. Then Maddie said, “And I don’t look like Ashley Tisdale?” LOL—Ashley Tisdale played Maddie.

The show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, no longer airs. The Sprouse brothers have, unsurprisingly, discontinued their acting careers for a while. However, they did return to acting in August 2022.

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  1. One of my personal favorite episode is when Mr. Mosby tried teaching London how to drive. Emphasis on “tried”. LOL that girl has as many brain cells as a fish. The PRNDL. Gotta love her. Thanks for your post on this show that brings me so much nostalgia!

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