“Harry Potter” Mystery: Are Wizards Not as Concerned About Safety as Muggles?

One thing I noticed about the Harry Potter series is that wizards and witches don’t seem as concerned about safety as muggles do. It is constantly said that Hogwarts is one of the safest wizarding schools in the world.

However, like many, I kind of have to disagree. People have pointed out the numerous dangers Hogwarts has. There is the forbidden forest with deadly creatures that Harry and his friends are forced to go into for detention in their first year.

There are also dangerous beasts in the school, such as the basilisk and the three-headed dog, a whomping willow on the grounds, and even the moving staircases.

As fun as Quidditch looks, it’s also perilous. Remember in The Chamber of Secrets, when Harry tried to catch the snitch and succeeded, but broke his arm? That’s what I mean—although I still admire the idea of Quidditch.

And let’s not leave out the Tri-wizard tournament. Yes, they had an age restriction. But even when Harry, who was underage at the time, was somehow entered (he didn’t do it), he still had to participate.

A lot of the dangerous activities that happen at Hogwarts students can do without permission from their parents or guardians—or sometimes must do. However, they do need parental consent to visit the village, Hogsmeade, just a short, and safe walk from the school. People have pointed out how illogical that was. But that’s a different story.

Here’s another example of where safety does not seem to matter. I don’t remember if it was stated in the book. But in the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie, the first-years don’t wear life jackets when on the boats to Hogwarts.

The school also has the second task for the Tri-wizard tournament in the black lake, in February. Does that mean wizards cannot get hypothermia?

Even if charms that prevent it exist (I’m not sure) and they’re in the black lake, there certainly couldn’t have been any in the pond Harry jumped into in The Deathly Hallows. And he took his clothes off, but came out okay.

It’s not just Hogwarts that doesn’t seem to be as concerned about safety as muggle schools or society would. In The Chamber of Secrets, Harry almost falls out of Ron’s dad’s flying car.

If he just had his seatbelt on, that wouldn’t have happened. Plus, he was raised by muggles—the terrible Dursleys. As much as they despised him, they must have made him wear seatbelts in their car.

Did you notice anything in the Harry Potter series wear wizards and witches didn’t care about safety? Please let me know in the comments if you wish.

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