“Harry Potter” Mystery: How Would a Modern-Day, Muggle-Born First-Year Likely Feel at Magic School?

While the muggle world progresses with the changing of society, especially with technology, the wizarding world is the opposite. They remain stuck in olden times and have laws as old as a millennium.

So, a child who grew up in the muggle world, especially long after the 21st century has begun, lived with electricity, internet, phones, tablets, etc. Once they will be 11 by the start of the school year in a magical institution, and they begin attending there, the Decree for the Reasonable of Underage Sorcery will apply to them. They cannot use magic outside school or else they will be expelled.

However, if a muggle-born’s parents resist sending their child to a magic school where they can’t talk to the teachers, and are worried about the kid’s safety, the wizarding authorities will explain why the child has to attend the school, such as complying with the law forbidding underage magic outside the academy. The child will have to attend some wizarding school, whether they like it or not.

But once they step foot into the wizarding school, they will have no Wi-Fi, electricity, phones or cellular signal, and no tablets, like an iPad. In fact, muggle technology is prohibited at magic institutions, because they go haywire around wizardry. That means the child would have to leave their electronics at home.

And from at least the mid-2000s and later (especially throughout the 2010s and 2020s), children have learned to live with technology as if it was a basic need for survival. So, imagine if a muggle-born kid had to live with no technology for several months. They would go crazy

They would hate having no internet, so they couldn’t look up anything they wanted. The same would go for phones and even therapists or guidance counselors. The muggle-born first-years would have to write to their parents and have an owl deliver their letters.

So, it would be no surprise if most muggle-born first years suffered and were unable to cope without access to technology. The professors or headmaster could not give any advice on learning to live without it.

It could be possible that right after the first day of school, where there is only dinner, they would become so miserable and possibly depressed, that they’d start begging the staff to let them drop out and return home. But they would likely refuse to let that happen due to the International Statute of Secrecy. If they wanted to leave the wizarding school that they attend, then the faculty would mandate that they attend another magical institution.

The muggle-borns remain stressed to the point where they might commit or attempt self-harm or suicide. Then a professor would escort them to the hospital wing and have the nurses treat them.

Their depression could worsen to the point where they get poor grades in their classes, are unable to eat, or possibly sleep. They keep begging the staff to let them drop out.

Once the Christmas holidays start, the muggle-borns would take the train home. Then they would tell their parents how much they hated wizarding school and miserably ask them to let them drop out. They might have already lost their minds at school and that would probably happen over the years not long after the 21st century began.

The parents might write to the school and tell them how miserable their kids were there. They may ask if they could find another way for them to learn magic without violating the International Statute of Secrecy.

The suffering first-years from the 2010s might have suffered even more and experienced more mental health issues, which could have increased over the years. Maybe the headmasters would find them connections for the children to learn their magic by a wizard in a different home. After that, they could go home and use their technology.

What do you think of my theory? Please let me know in the comments section below if you want.

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