My Top Videos from the YouTube Channel, “CollegeHumor”

This channel gears mainly toward college-aged people. It does videos such as parodies, music videos, and more.

Below are my top favorite clips from the channel. You can check them out on YouTube in your own time.

Pixar Intro Parody

We all know how the Pixar opening sequence works. A lamp jumps on the “i” and takes its place before the film fades in.

This clip twists it in a bittersweet manner. The lamp kills the “i”, even leaving blood and all the other symbols freak out.

Next, the “i’s” funeral is happening. Meanwhile the lamp is getting arrested and journalists are swarming over it like crazy. Then the lamp is found guilty in court and locked up in prison. I will stop there to avoid spoilers.

It’s funny and upsetting at the same time. On the other hand, it’s also creative.

Muppet Teens

The video is a 2D-animated short of the teenage muppets. There really is no plot.

The muppets are sitting together in a room, doing their own things. Nanny, who hasn’t changed her wardrobe since the muppets were babies, greets them. But as she offers ideas, the muppets get dramatic and rude.

There are other scenes that occur, as well. They include Kermit begging Gonzo that he is gay, yet he denies it, Scooter launching a rocket, only to hurt Beaker with it, and Gonzo filming Fozzie, who makes Kermit drink a bunch of mixed condiments. 

Although I enjoyed this video, I felt that Nanny wasn’t strict enough and set hardly any boundaries. She didn’t correct rude attitudes or forbid the condiment challenge in her living room. Oh, well.

The “Honest Graduation Song”

Warning: This video contains facts that might displease you if you haven’t graduated high school yet. If that is you, either stop here, or read at your own risk.

We’ve all heard the graduation song by the band, Vitamin C. The lyrics there discuss that even after high school graduation, people will still be friends forever.

That would happen in a perfect, ideal world. Unfortunately, that hardly ever happens in reality.

The music video starts off with high school graduates celebrating, and then the song verses start, similarly to the Vitamin C version. However, as it progresses, it shares what really happens after people finish high school.

We make new friends in college and drift apart from our high school friends to the point where they don’t want to talk to or hang out with us. We only see them on social media.

The clips emphasize this a lot. Even the people in the comments said that they don’t talk to their high school friends anymore.

Of course, there are exceptions here and there, including on my own Facebook page. However, for the most part, unless you and your high school friends were extremely relatable to each other, you’re unlikely to stay friends with them forever. 

Certain people may still stay friendly with their school friends one or two years after commencement. But then they stop as they drift apart, develop new interests, make new friends who are more relatable, and then practically become strangers to each other.


I hope these clips intrigued you to check them out. If the one about high school graduation disappointed you, I apologize. 

But if you already graduated and can relate to it, then you’re probably okay.

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