Why Saying “It’s a Disney Movie” Never Meant Anything

Disney is known for its family-friendly entertainment, from movies to TV and on-demand shows, and online videos. In fact, throughout the 20th century, it produced mostly movies that were rated G.

However, just because most of Disney’s entertainment was geared toward all ages, that didn’t make “Disney” equate to meaning “clean,” or “child-friendly.” Even when I was a kid, it made me impatient when people said “It’s a Disney movie,” so it had to be G-rated or family-appropriate. Someone even said that if cursing happened, it would’ve been rated R and not Disney.

Of course, it would still be a Disney film. It just wouldn’t have been rated G or PG.

Disney is only the name of the company. Saying something has to be family-friendly because “It’s a Disney movie” doesn’t mean anything. That would be like saying “It’s a Dreamworks movie” or “It’s a Warner Brothers’ movie.”

Also, not everything Disney creates or owns is clean or appropriate for all ages. Disney owns a lot of companies geared toward mature audiences. Examples include ABC and MCU. It even has some films meant for older crowds, such as John Carter and The Lone Ranger.

And it’s not just recent times they’d made movies for mature audiences. The film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, is a Disney film that’s not appropriate for kids.

Despite that, the creators of the sing-along video series, Disneyland Fun included Roger Rabbit. But he shouldn’t have been in it.

Yet, I couldn’t find a single parental complaint about him being in something child-friendly, even though the movie he stars in is dirty.

There must have been, at least, some parents who disapproved of Roger Rabbit being in Disneyland Fun, especially if their children wanted to see the film he’d come from. However, I believe you can’t find him at Disney parks anymore.

Another important action Disney has taken for Disney Plus was blocking certain movies for those under age 7, like The Aristocats and Peter Pan. They did so because of the racial stereotypes occuring in those movies, despite their G-ratings. If a little kid wants to watch some of those films, they have to view them from older people’s accounts.

I hope you learned something about saying “It’s a Disney movie,” and how it means nothing. The correct way would be to say, “It’s a family-friendly/clean movie.”

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