The Funniest Moments in “Family Guy” For Me

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I discovered this cartoon when I was about 15. I fell in love with it. Despite its mature content (it is geared toward adults), it contains amazing slapstick humor. I could laugh hysterically at it all day.

In fact, while composing this post, I laughed while writing the parts below. Check them out!

5: Asian Santa – from the episode “Peter’s Two Dads”

After Meg’s 17th birthday party is ruined when Peter pulled balloons out of his mouth and gets sick, Stewie opens Meg’s gifts, and one disappoints him—like when the mall had an Asian Santa Claus.

“Santa” asked quickly in a stereotypical East-Asian accent what Stewie wanted for Christmas. He stated that he was thinking some old-time item—except that he couldn’t say what, because “Santa” claimed he took too long. He threw Stewie off his lap saying, “Sad Christmas!”

After that, an Asian boy went onto his lap, and “Santa” asked him what he wanted for Christmas. The kid said, “Firetruck!” And it was also in the same accent as “Santa.” In addition, “Santa” asked what color for the truck, and the child answered, “Red!” He threw him off his lap and yelled, “Next!”

It might’ve been a little stereotypical, and possibly offensive to that specifc demographic (but that’s normal in Family Guy), yet I couldn’t help but laugh hard. I’m Southeast-Asian myself (Indian).

4: Peter on Red bull – from the episode, “New Kidney in Town”

From when Peter starts re-enacting the “And I Feel Like I Just Got Home” music video to right before Lois is on the phone and he hangs up because he can’t find his red bull, I laugh at all the moments.

I especially liked when Peter impressed Chris with eating his cereal right after drinking a can of red bull. Chris wanted some, too – except that he went on fire later—literally.

Another part that cracked me up was when Peter came home after driving from New York and back to Quahog, which is the fictional, Rhode Island town the Griffins live in.

The funniest part was when Peter spun the wheel on “The Price is Right.” But the wheel went too fast that it rolled into the audience.

Peter laughed while running back and forth.

3: Saggy Naggy – from “You Can’t Do That on Television, Peter”

Oh my God—what a disrespectful thing anyone could do to his or her spouse. He or she would probably get in trouble with the law for it in real life, as well.

Nevertheless, in the episode where Peter starts his own children’s TV show, he portrays Lois as a nagging and annoying puppet after he disliked her attitude toward him.

When some kids beat up Lois at Costmart, after recognizing her as “Saggy Naggy,” that cracked me up the most – I laugh so hard that practically lose my voice.

2: Chris making a dead body pick his nose and eat it – from the episode, “Save the Clam”

Obviously, this would not be funny in real life. However, in the show, it cracked me up a lot.

Meg works in a funeral home with the bodies and Chris gets excited. Playing with the corpse like a toy, he sticks its finger in its nose and then moves it between its lips.

He eventually stole another dead body to get him into R-rated movies. My goodness!

And now… drumroll

1: Peter crying like Snoopy – from the episode, “Papa Has a Rollin’ Son”

I laugh so loud and hard that I will not allow myself to watch this outside home. That large mouth and position is absolutely hilarious.


While Family Guy has gone kind of far at times (some countries have even banned it), nothing was ever an issue for me. I still enjoy it and laugh at its moments now.

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