The Funniest Moments of “The Simpsons” For Me

This longest running animated TV show about the family of five is one of my favorites. I’ve been laughing at the moments for many years.

This post will mention scenes from the traditional episodes, Treehouse of Horror episodes, and even the theatrical movie from 2007. Here’s the countdown.

Number 5

In the Treehouse of Horror episode, “Time and Punishment,” Homer fixes the toaster and ends up turning it into a time traveling toaster.

When he first goes back to the time of dinosaurs, he remembers the advice from his father on his wedding day. That was to never step on anything if traveling back in time, because even the smallest errors could drastically alter the future.

But Homer accidentally squishes a bug. And when he questions how that can’t possibly change the future, a prehistoric mammal shrugs and makes a noise meaning, “I don’t know.” The last sentence was the funniest part.

Number 4

In the episode, “HOMR,” where Homer becomes smarter, but displeases everyone, except Lisa, he and his family go to an animation festival.

He volunteers to wear the special costume and have the animated dog follow every movement he made. Every move cracked me up, such as the dancing, singing, “I’m a Little Teapot,” and trying to get his foot to his head’s side to scratch it.

After that, He used the bathroom in that costume. And everybody watched him over the urinal (although you don’t see him pee). That actually made me laugh harder than the previous moments his performance.

Number 3

In the theatrical release from 2007, Bart and Homer did a truth or dare game. Homer’s ultimate dare for Bart was to skate to Krusty Burger and back… naked.

Bart resists at first. But Homer calls him a chicken, and even sings “Here Comes the Bride” in clucks for when Barts gets married.

But Bart surprises him and does the dare. Everyone is astounded to see him nude—except Ralph, stating that he likes men now.

The cops stop Bart and even shot a bullet to his skateboard, which removes a wheel. Bart lands on the window, and the police tie him up.

Then Nelson laughs at him all day until his mom finds him. Then she laughs at Bart.

This whole scene cracks me up so much, especially when Homer clucked in the tune of “Here Comes the Bride,” and when the uncensored body part shows.

Number 2

In the Treehouse of Horror episode, “Nightmare Cafeteria,” after so many students have been put in detention and never came back, a kid shook out of anxiety at his desk and his pencil dropped.

Mrs. Krabappel pointed at the door and said, “Detention.” I don’t know why, but that moment cracked me up a lot.

And onto the number 1 funniest moment…

Number 1

In the Treehouse of Horror episode, “Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off,” with the watch that stopped time, the scene where Homer tries to eat doughnuts and they all disappear. Then his clothes vanish, as do Nelson’s. I laugh so hard at that scene that I kind of lose my voice.


So, there you have it—the funniest moments of “The Simpsons.” What are your favorite moments from “The Simpsons?” Let me know in the comments.

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