My Favorite Animated Music Videos on YouTube

When it comes to YouTube videos, some stay forever. But others get deleted permanently, or come and go, including some of my favorites.

Anyway, these animated music videos have stayed for many years. I discovered them a while ago, and still enjoy them today.

Let the reviews begin…

1: The Ultimate Showdown

If you grew up in the 2000’s or 90’s, you probably remember this specific music video. It was especially hot in 2008.

The plot of this music video is about a battle between various fictional characters and that only one will survive it. The song is catchy and the lyrics and happenings crack me up. 

It starts off with Godzilla hopping around Tokyo, and then Batman trying to defeat him. Then other characters, and even real people, join and try to defeat one another. 

For example, Indiana Jones reaches for his gun—except that Batman stole it to use it. Jackie Chan also does a summersault in the air as a way to battle against the others.

There is even a scene where you see multiple characters, such as Sonic vs. Mario, Santa Claus (who gets run over), and possibly Gandhi.

If you love slapstick humor and lyrics that sound like continuous nonsense, I would recommend this video.

2: If Disney Movies Were Historically Accurate 

Made by the YouTube channel, “Cracked,” the video begins with a princess leaving a castle and singing a song about depressing and insane things that happen as she wanders through the village.

It starts off with the princess noticing birds, and then singing about the village being quiet, because people died of a plague. According to her, the plague was caused by envious “witches.”

Back in Medieval times, anyone who didn’t display standard behaviors or looks were often seen as witches by others and were killed.

There is also a 10-year-old girl who’s pregnant with her brother/son, since her dad is also her husband. And her father/husband laughs about it.

A major moment is when the princess talks to some Jews. Unfortunately, they are depicted in an offensive manner. Many people have even stated that in the comments.

The princess’s envision of finding her prince is not what you’d find in tales told today or even 100 years ago. Their wedding would contain food that no one would want to eat. Then at some point, she’d give birth to a son and die right after.

Sadly, aside from wanting sons over daughters, women usually perished from childbirth in olden times. Sometimes, the babies did, as well. But the princess made it sound like something to look forward to.

There are few Disney characters who make some brief appearances. They are Baloo, a dead Pumba, and Aladdin and Abu—except that Aladdin’s hand is chopped off. Abu also keeps his teeth on the fingers of Aladdin’s removed hand.

Despite how this video went a bit far at times, it remains engaging.

3: Eddie’s Teddy

This video was created by the channel, “EddsWorld,” back in the 00’s. I actually discovered this clip from my brothers.

The characters have munchkin-like voices, narrating how a boy called Eddie caused trouble growing up. But once his mother was gone, his mood and motivations improved, yet not in a good way.

The chorus states that Eddie disliking his Teddy bear meant that he wasn’t a good kid. One memorable moment was when a girl who loved him told him to stay inside for safety. Then he locked the door, but ate the key. Of course, in real life, you would have to go to the ER for that (and you may not survive).

Anyway, the tempo is also quick and fun to listen to.

4: The Hamster Dance

This song is older than the other songs. It came out in 2000 and it sounds as if hamsters sang. The chorus has no words, but the verses do. They tell you how to do the hamster dance.

In this music video, a few hamsters travel around the world on a flying board and perform their special dance. That lightens up those in tough situations.

The first one is a man, woman, and cacti sweating (cacti do retain water – but only for up to 2 years). The hamsters’ dance cheers them up, causing the clouds to laugh and release rain, thus hydrating the couple and cacti.

Another time where the hamsters’ dance lightens a situation is when a snake yawns as a guy playing the flute.

I like to imagine a Zumba class doing the kinds of moves during the verses, such as clapping. I actually took Zumba back in 2014.

Hey—if you’re a Zumba instructor, why not consider “The Hamster Dance” as a song for your class?

5: Karmatoon’s “Nuttin’ for Christmas”

Have you heard of this silly Christmas song about a naughty child knowing that he will receive no Christmas gifts, unusual from other holiday songs as its message is the opposite of getting ready for Christmas and the joy of it? I find it hilarious, and if you’ve never heard it, maybe you can check it out.

This video centers around a little boy, who sings the lyrics to the song in the clip’s title, “Nuttin’ for Christmas,” and every stanza he sings occurs in the story. For example, he hits a bat on a boy, Johnny’s, head (which is what the boy’s name is in the actual song, originally written by Stan Freberg), and then somebody snitches on him—which is a tiny elf, marking the naughty things the main character has done.

At the chorus part, he brags about getting nothing for Christmas. When his parents drag him inside their house, and when he sits in a timeout chair, he still smiles as he sings. That amuses me the most about this video.

What I also admire is how the art style is done in a similar style to that of “Codename: Kids Next Door,” a TV show that was on Cartoon Network in the 2000s. A lot of people stated that in the comments… which I don’t even think are there anymore, unfortunately. You can learn about YouTube comments’ policy (as of 2020) here, as well as how I feel about it.

Even though it’s a holiday-themed video, I still recommend it – who says you can’t watch holiday movies, shows, or video clips between January and October?


While only some videos stay on YouTube forever, it’s still worth it to check out these videos. Maybe they will appeal to you, too.

What do you think of them? Please let me know in the comments.

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