How I Feel About Disney Owning Fox

While it’s common knowledge that Disney has owned Pixar and ABC for many years, they have also bought MCU, Star Wars, and as of 2019, Fox. You will find movies from those brands on Disney Plus.

But like many, I feel that Disney has bought too many companies. There is even a picture of Mickey Mouse as Thanos with a glove on his hand.

The largest oval below says, “Disney Plus.” The smaller ovals above are, “Star Wars,” “Marvel,” “20th Century Fox,” and “Pixar.” You can search for it on Google since I won’t put copyrighted images here.

Anyway, when my friend showed that exclusive Ice Age short on Disney Plus, it opened with the Disney logo. The fireworks go off near a castle, and the instrumental version of “When You Wish Upon a Star” plays.

This felt very weird and out of place for me, especially since I grew up with the Ice Age movies not being Disney. They were owned merely by 20th Century Fox as well as Blue Sky Studios (which no longer exists). Therefore, I am so used to those films opening with the 20th Century Fox logo and its own music.

I really miss when the Ice Age film series was not Disney as I do with other Fox movies and TV series. That means The Simpsons, The Peanuts Movie, and the Night at the Museum franchises are now owned by Disney. It just feels too odd to me.

I would assume since Fox had already produced those movies before Disney had purchased the company, they get to keep their 20th Century Fox openings. At least that’s how it was for The Greatest Showman.

I just hope that Disney controls its impulse buying. It would be insane if everything was owned by Disney. I don’t think anyone would get used to it.

In fact, there would probably be lots of petitions, requesting that Disney would let go of, at least, some of the companies. There was already a petition for Disney to go back to 2D-animated films as well as to stop doing too many remakes of their animated films.

There is going to be a 2D-animated version of the Night at the Museum movies, which disappoints me. I find it to be a disgrace to what Fox had produced before Disney bought it. And those films are good just they ways they are.

What do you think of Disney owning Fox? Have you gotten used to it, or is it too hard to adjust to?

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2 thoughts on “How I Feel About Disney Owning Fox

  1. It’s amazing that no one controls monopolies anymore…at any rate, it does feel weird, especially regarding Star Wars. The Disney ownership of the Muppets is what I still can’t get over most…

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