Review of YouTube’s “The Crayon Song Gets Ruined”

Created by YouTube Channel, called Studio C, a bunch of people dressed as crayons perform a number, where each individual names different things based on his or her assigned color. However, the guy dressed as the black crayon ruins each person’s turn. 

The colors start with the main 6 colors of the rainbow, followed by brown, white, and black, who represents the antagonist of this skit. I won’t spoil anything major, but one detail I noticed is the absence of the color, pink, despite it being used in background drawings.

While the drawings in the surrounding resemble that of young children and the narrator states that this fun and educational video is “for kids,” it’s not.

The black crayon man spoils people’s solos by using body and medical terms as well as the Titanic sinking. He also tases some of the others, until another guy bumps him down with his big crayon costume. That cracked me up. No wonder the person who introduced me to this clip considered it funny.

While the person in the black crayon spoiled the other folk’s songs and moods, I did feel some sympathy for him. I actually could relate to him at times, since I’ve fallen into depressed, empty, and low moods numerous times. So, the creators nailed an antagonist who didn’t come out as pure evil.

All right, enough with the black crayon dude. Everybody else fit perfectly for this skit, based on their appearances and voices. I also noticed that the people’s looks were also neat and clean. The women had their hair tied back, and the men wore their hair above their ears, except for the one in the black crayon costume. His hair was shaggy, which likely represents emo. 

I especially admire how the format of this video follows the classic plot structure needed for every story. You can search for this video on YouTube, and the name is as stated in the title, “The Crayon Song Gets Ruined.” Be sure to find the words “Studio C” for the uploader name since others have made parodies of this. I hope you enjoy it.

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