Getting Acquainted with “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”

I don’t know why, but for some reason, Fat Albert randomly popped into my head. So, I first researched the live-action movie from 2004. The reviews weren’t good, nor did the synopsis on Wikipedia sound appealing. 

So, then I researched the cartoon from the 70’s. It sounded exciting as I read about it on Wikipedia. 

If you’ve watched “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids,” you probably already know what I state below. For those who don’t, the information might intrigue you. 

Overall concept 

The series focuses on Fat Albert and a bunch of other boys, who like to play music in a junkyard. A lot of them are based off of kids in Bill Cosby’s childhood.

The show expresses humor and, most importantly, educates audiences, according to what I read. They even begin with Bill Cosby stating what the episode teaches.

At first, I worried that the series would teach things that a kiddie show would, like shapes and numbers. Nope – and thank goodness! The lessons taught are geared toward kids, say 7 and up (many who have outgrown shows, like at the tone of “Barney”), and even adults. 

They include morals, such as not to lie or steal. They also teach things, like getting past stage fright… and even serious topics, such as death. 

Which brings me to my next point – any episode that does not deal with a serious subject, like loss of lives or drugs, ends with a song about a lesson a character learns. 

My thoughts on what I’ve seen so far 

The show’s opening has different formats and occurrences, including one where Bill Cosby is actually in it, as his real-life self. I, however, favor the one when Fat Albert introduces himself, and then sings the theme song.

He starts with his signature catchphrase, “Hey, hey, hey.” He also does it 4 more times throughout the opening. At first, I found that annoying. But then I got used to it. 

Other than the show’s intro videos, I have only enjoyed the video where the characters sing, “Don’t Go Tellin’ a Lie.” The format is similar to that of the “Schoolhouse Rock” videos, except not with academic subjects, like English or history. For those who don’t know about “Schoolhouse Rock,” it started in the early 70’s, too. You can search for it to learn more about it. 

There is another “Fat Albert” video, where the characters sing, “Stealing is Uncool.” Sadly, that bored me. 

What I am learning 

I am just a beginner at identifying the characters, other than Fat Albert. So far, I can only identify Mushmouth, Russell, and Dumb Donald. 

While getting acquainted with the program, I have read a few episode summaries, and they sounded interesting. However, there is nowhere to buy digital versions of the episodes, nor are there streaming services that offer the show. 

Yet, I have barely seen anything from the program. I don’t even know what each character is like, not even Fat Albert, other than his signature phrase. So, I can’t call myself a fan. 

What I (and even you) can expect 

It will likely be very difficult for me to become a new fan – maybe even impossible, as of now. The show’s unavailability to stream online (except for possibly some third-party websites) is presumably because of Bill Cosby’s numerous crimes. He has assaulted many girls and women since the 60’s. Some of those acts disturbed me to such far levels, as well. 

If you use Paramount Plus, and you watched the Nick Jr. show, “Little Bill,” you won’t find the series there at all. It’s probably the same reason why you can’t stream “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” on any kind of digital platform, like Netflix or Amazon. 

Now, just to let you know, developing interest in “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” doesn’t mean I support Bill Cosby’s crimes. I never like any crime, especially if it directly harms people. 


Maybe someday in the future, “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” will become available to stream. Until then, I am just a prospective fan – if I ever can become one at all.

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4 thoughts on “Getting Acquainted with “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”

  1. Oh, wow! This really takes me back to my days as a kid, eating cereal in front of the TV on Saturday mornings while watching cartoons. Fat Albert was huge back then. We would always run around talking like Mush Mouth.

  2. something that is missing nowadays ,, teaching children values like respect for others and kindness that many times are barely acknowledged or neglected all together and we as a society are all worse for letting it happen.

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