My Favorite YouTube Parodies of TV Shows and Movies

As someone who enjoys finding new videos on YouTube, I’ve discovered parodies of different movies and TV shows. They appeal to me so much that I like to come back to them.

Below are my top picks:

1: If Johnny Bravo Went to the Airport 

This video is done in pretty much the same style and format as the actual Johnny Bravo show that aired on Cartoon Network between 1997 and 2004.

Johnny packs for his trip. When he arrives at the airport, he gets out of his car, blocking traffic.

He goes through security and asks the TSA member if she’d like to go on a romantic getaway. She declines and Johnny says that it’s her loss because he’s da bomb. That gets him in trouble.

In a separate room, a woman asks him questions about if he wants to harm anyone. He flirts with her instead. For example, when the lady asks if he’s a terrorist, he says, that he’s an I don’t carerest. That angers the woman.

This parody cracks me up a lot. Johnny is true to his character – he flirts with women, as usual. I especially love how he flirted with the TSA workers, something that you obviously shouldn’t do in real life.

I think this video accurately portrays what would happen if Johnny Bravo went to the airport.

2: Realistic Popeye 

For those who watched Popeye, or at least are somewhat familiar with it, it focuses on a man who uses spinach to boost his strength – from a can.

Here, however, it’s different. In this clip, Popeye is inviting Olive Oyl to dinner… only for Bluto, a huge man who frequently kidnaps Olive Oyl, to take her away. Popeye takes in his can of spinach, which gives him a stomachache. Olive and Bluto give him a hard time about how what he did was unhealthy and how he isn’t okay. Popeye then farts for a long time.

After approaching this video, I realized how getting a stomachache and passing gas from inhaling a whole can of spinach is more realistic than gaining muscle or even strength. This video also made me laugh, especially after Popeye farted too much and Bluto said, “Smells like low tide.” They were on a deck by the ocean.

3: SpongeRob

This parody is done in the same theme opening and show format, but in the art style of Annoying Orange. Which brings me to my next point, the characters are so obsessed with avoiding the use of the real show names because they’re copyrighted. 

A glove, similar to Patrick Star, says that he is left-handed and asks SpongeRob if he could copy the show with his left hand. SpongeRob sees his point about how the show isn’t copy-lefted. 

Like SpongeBob and Patrick, SpongeRob and his glove pal, annoy the soap bottle, Squid Turd. Despite Squid Turd’s anger over too much laughing, SpongeRob points out that laughter is the best medicine. He is actually correct! Numerous studies have even proven that laughing can have major health benefits. 

Of course, this whole clip made me laugh. 

4: Fantastic Holidays and How to Explain Them

In this animated clip, Newt has come to New York to spend Christmas with Queenie and Tina–only to notice that there are no Christmas decorations or a tree. Tina and Queenie state that they’re Jewish, which is suggested in their last name, Goldstein. 

Newt knows nothing about Jews and poor Queenie and Tina have to explain to him about their culture–such as how Judaism is NOT a wizard thing.

One part that stands out to me was when Newt remembers this weird Hogwarts house that no one ever speaks of: Hillel House. The scene then switches to a kid in a yamaka, sitting in a chair, listening to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas.”

Every time I watch that scene, I think to myself, Mariah Carey shouldn’t exist during this time. That is, of course, referring to the 1920s, when the events of the first two Fantastic Beasts movies take place.

5: How The Jungle Book Should Have Ended 

This video belongs to a parody series on YouTube called, “How it Should Have Ended,” which produces alternate endings to various movies.

Regardless of that, though, sometimes, it’s the reverse–which the title of the video really should be, “How [movie title] should have begun.” This was the situation with “How The Jungle Book Should Have Ended.” Or should I say… begun.

It starts off similarly to the opening of the actual Jungle Book movie from 1967. Bagheera finds an orphaned baby, Mowgli, and gives him to a family of wolves to raise him–only for the mother and cubs to eat him instead. 

Bagheera experiences guilt and the other major characters put him down for it, even though he blames the wolves for it. Perhaps, my favorite part of the video is when King Louie comes down from a tree and sings, “I do not want to be like you” in the same tune of his actual “I Wanna Be Like You” number. 


Like with anything, YouTube videos often come and go. So, if any of these videos interest you, I’d suggest you search for them and check them out.

What do you think of my top picks? Let me know in the comments if you’d like. 

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