Review of “The Lost City” – 2022 Film

Loretta Sage is portraying her book’s main character, Dr. Angela Lovemore. Next to her is Dash McMahon, Dr. Lovemore’s significant other. They face danger, but Loretta removes it all by saying, “Delete.”

The next scene switches to Loretta on her computer. Later she is about to start her book tour, but is forced to wear a glittery onesie that she loathes. Her manager, Beth, demands that she cooperates with it, though.

She goes onto the stage feeling uncomfortable. Then Alan Caprison, who was the model for Dash on Loretta’s book cover, joins her. The audience wants him to take his shirt off.

The performance ends in a disaster. If that’s not bad enough, Loretta gets kidnapped by a billionaire, Abigail Fairfax. He takes her to a tropical island in the Atlantic, called Fairfax, where he believes Loretta based her book off of.

He then tells her about the Crown of Fire, a valuable artifact that belonged to a king and queen from ancient times.

Alan is also aware of Loretta getting kidnapped. He travels to that island with his assistant, Jack, and finds her. But she demands Jack to leave. Yet he frees her. 

However, gunshots sound from Abigail and his group. They even kill Jack. 

Alan and Loretta then escape into the wilderness for the rest of the day, even staying there overnight.

Meanwhile, Abigail and his crew search for them. Will Loretta and Alan successfully flee from them?

Despite the trailer hinting at this movie being an intense adventure story, it turned out to have lots of humor. Not only that, it was lighthearted. I did not expect to laugh a lot throughout the film.

Regardless of the catastrophic result of the show at the beginning of the movie, I actually found it humorous when Loretta tried to remove Alan’s shirt. Loretta, herself, was also funny.

For instance, as an author, she cared a lot about writing and grammar rules. In one scene, Alan throws her something and says, “Here.” Loretta misses that and says that word, here, isn’t the same as catch. 

In spite of her sense of humor, though, Loretta did not always act credibly. She often reacted casually to stressful situations.

During the time Jack rescued her from the chair that Abigail had secured her to, rather than thanking him, she asked, “What are you doing here?” Her feelings remained practically neutral throughout the movie.

Nevertheless, she and the characters remained believable and relatable. 

Abigail is played by Daniel Radcliffe, who has portrayed heroic characters in many other movies. Even though it felt a little strange for him to play a bad guy, his depiction of that character didn’t make him scary at all. He smiled a lot and succeeded with his part. I eventually found it interesting for him to portray a villain.

Abigail even abducted Loretta onto a luxurious plane, which I found odd. But as a billionaire, it was probably all he wanted and would never have bought a less fancy or standard plane.

When Beth learned of Loretta’s kidnapping, a man whom she felt a bit suspicious of flew her in a plane filled with animals. There were birds in cages and a goat which was presumably his pet.

Although this movie pleased me, it did contain some gross scenes, too. One example is when Alan had leeches on him and he had to undress to remove them. The bugs were slimy and ugly.

This movie is rated PG-13, so his nudity was very hidden. 

Overall, I enjoyed The Lost City. Its combination of humor and adventure kept my interest throughout.

I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars.

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