Review of “Yoruba Knights: Knights of Avalon” by Joseph Harkreader

On Maki’s 16th birthday, what she hopes to be exciting, becomes the opposite. Not only are her widowed father and sister unavailable that evening, but chaos happens at school due to some dark magic, including a student awakening the dead. 

Then a British girl, named Luna, saves Maki, takes her to a mansion, and talks about the dark sorcerer’s history. Maki even learns that she is a Yarubo knight. She also has to learn to control her magic, or else disastrous consequences will occur.

Luna promises to teach her how to control her powers. Her brother, Allan, also wants to contribute.

Because Maki can’t control her wizardry and that it can become dangerous at any time, Luna and Allan provide her with a pendant that will aid her when necessary if she can contact the goddess, Iris. She also promises to stay in touch with Allan and Luna. How will things go?

Despite the occasional confusion, the story ended up exciting me. I especially loved the Harry Potter references in the story. I particularly loved the character, Luna, who was also named after a Harry Potter character.

Luna was very helpful as a mentor to Maki. More international characters come, which I really appreciate. It’s fun reading about characters from different parts of the world.

They were all well-developed and had intriguing interactions. Maki was also fantastic. I particularly felt sorry that she didn’t have a good birthday. 

I actually can relate to that a lot since I have had over a few birthdays in my life that were disappointing. Unfortunately, birthdays aren’t always happy, no matter how much we all want them to be.

The writing was also fast-paced and kept my interest, as well. Although it is geared toward teenagers, there is some mature language. So, a kid’s maturity levels matter when it comes to reading this book.

But overall, I enjoyed Yoruba Knight: Knights of Avalon. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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