Details From 2006’s “High School Musical” That Stand Out to Me

A young man and woman dancing on a wall in front of graffiti.
A young man and woman dancing on a wall in front of graffiti. NOT a representation of anyone from the movie.

For those of you who loved Disney Channel in the 2000s, you probably remember High School Musical and how big it was.

A girl, Gabriella, meets a boy, named Troy, at a ski lodge, and they do karaoke. They later meet again when Gabriella moves to Arizona to East High, where Troy attends school.

A snooty girl, Sharpay, presumes that Gabriella wants to audition for the school musical. She and her brother, Ryan, yearn to audition – only for Troy and Gabriella to get the roles instead when singing the song, “What I’ve Been Looking For.” So, Sharpay and Ryan get callbacks instead, which upsets Sharpay. Who will win the part in the musical?

Below are the moments from the moments that stand out to me:

Gabriella’s revelation of how wishing on a star won’t make it come through during the song, “When There Was Me and You”

Unlike the message in the song, “When You Wish Upon a Star,” where whatever you wish for will come true, Gabriella reveals what really happens if you wish on a star – it won’t come true.

We all know that whatever we wish for requires hard work to achieve or isn’t possible. Every time I think of that stanza, I say in my head, Thank you, Gabriella. It’s about time someone reveals the truth about wishing upon a star.

Having to paint the set for the winter musical as a form of detention

Unless someone hates painting, this isn’t much of a punishment. And if a student loves painting, then it’s not a punishment at all.

Ms. Darbus has not only a strict no-phone policy in class or any time during school, but she is also firm with students. So, if she needs to punish them, she should send them somewhere that’s unpleasurable.

Isn’t there a detention where students have to be quiet and use no distractions? Because that makes a more effective punishment than painting sets.

When Zeke asked Ms. Darbus how her holidays were

At the end of English class, which Ms. Darbus teaches, she asks if anyone has anyone if they have any questions. Zeke asked how her holidays were, which left a poor impression on the others.

Although I found it humorous, it probably wouldn’t be funny in real life. It’s no wonder that the other students gasped when Zeke asked Ms. Darbus about her holidays.


Even though I no longer have strong feelings about High School Musical, I still think about certain moments that are unique and strange.

Are there any moments from this movie that stand out to you? Let me know in the comments if you’d like.

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