What If the “Codename: Kids Next Door” Finale Ended with Having Law Enforcement

For those of you who watched Codename: Kids Next Door, you probably know the premise: five 10-year-olds, who live in a treehouse and fight against adults because of their oppressive ways.

But one detail I notice is the apparent lack of law enforcement, such as police officers. The kids next door seem to be the only ones saving children from evil adults.

There are also plenty of malpractices such as Camp Lemmeouttaher, where Chester, an evil counselor puts kids under spells to make wallets and keep them there permanently.

Due to the malpractices and absence of police officers, I have come up with a scenario of what would happen if cops established a station and would make the town safer.

Note that I will rarely specify who says what:


The kids next door are on a typical mission where they fight several villains… only for cars with sirens and flashing lights to arrive and stop near them. Numbuh 1 almost has the others prepare to fight against the people who drove the mysterious cars as these guys known as the police come out.

This causes the kids next door to experience anxiety as they worry what these people called the police will do to them. However, they hold notepads and charge each bad guy with several crimes they’ve committed, such as running malpractices that put children in danger.

The kids next door observe the police as they force the villains into their cars and drive away. They get surprised that the police took the bad guys away.

Another police car shows up minutes later, which reveals the head chief, who praises the kids next door for keeping the town safe. But he thinks that their missions stress them out since everyone in their town noticed them over and over again. He even told the mayor prior.

However, Numbuh 1 says that the missions did not stress them out. But the mayor is holding a ceremony for the town, announcing the establishment of law enforcement. Yet the head officer will talk to the mayor this evening.

The next day, the kids next door fly in their ship to the ceremony. Meanwhile, the mayor announces the establishment of a police station, correction facilities, and making the town safer.

Then the kids next door arrive, and everyone cheers and applauds as they exit their ship. The mayor invites them to come onto the stage. He admits his mistake about their missions being overwhelmed. Then he awards them with badges that will make everyone recognize them as another form of law enforcement, and enough for other kids next door-sectors.

The kids next door walk back to their ship and discuss how adults aren’t always that bad. They state that they’ve been seeing adults in a bad light, but acknowledge that there are plenty of good adults who will keep kids safe and take their sides.

How would audiences react to this?

As a finale, they might be satisfied with the kids next doors’ growth and change. But some might be disappointed since they could think that it went against the premise.

However, since the internet shows no criticism of Codename: Kids Next Door, it’s obvious that most kids know not to imitate the disliking or disrespecting of adults or teenagers.

That’s right. Once a member of the kids next door turns 13, they have to leave. However, rather than thanking them for being part of it or saying that they will be missed, they deem them as threats–not cool.

But if the kids next door see adults in a good light, maybe they’d feel the same for teenagers. Maybe they’d no longer view the kids next door who turn 13 as threats.


If you want to know the real finale of the show, you can read it on Fandom. Note that there are spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the episode, I’d recommend stopping up to the halfway point.

What do you think of this hypothetical scenario? Let me know in the comments if you wish. 

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