“Aladdin” Mystery: How is The Genie Able to Function After 10,000 Years in a Lamp?

If you remember the scene where Aladdin rubs the lamp while trapped in the cave of wonders, the genie comes out. He announces that he has been trapped inside of it for 10,000 years. Yet, he has no trouble functioning at all.

Despite that, he does use poor etiquette numerous times at the beginning of the “Prince Ali” number, such as banging a heavy man’s belly and other bizarre ways of touching. Of course, it doesn’t go too far – otherwise, the film wouldn’t have been rated G.

Maybe that doesn’t have anything to do with being trapped in a lamp for many millennia. But it still isn’t acceptable to act like that. Folks, please don’t try those. I’m sure you guys wouldn’t, though.

But I was wondering if the genie’s brain acts differently from people’s brains. Or if his magic keeps him from losing his memories or functions.

A couple of moments during the “Prince Ali” number is when the genie pretends to be news reporters and talks to imaginary people named “June” and “Harry.” Neither are Arabian names, though – not that that’s a problem. In fact, I think it’s nice to include names that aren’t too common in that geographical location.

Could the genie have been lonely, too? Although psychology usually doesn’t play huge roles in Disney classics, nor does any form of science, it is possible that the genie may function fine due to this: cartoon logic. I assume you all know what this is.

Many moments that occur in animation make little to no sense. You could search for “cartoon logic” on the web and you will see lots of odd results.

Anyway, whether or not, there is a sensible reason to how the genie can function okay, it is certainly necessary. If the genie had hardly any abilities or no memories, then he wouldn’t have done much to solve the story. That would probably upset so many people, and make children uncomfortable as this would have been too dark for a family-friendly movie. 

What do you think of my thoughts on this mystery? Do you feel that one of my ideas is more likely than the others?

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