Review of “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie” (2004)

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Warning: contains spoilers***

A bunch of pirates have tickets to “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie,” sing the theme song, and enter the movie theater, which is close to a boating dock (pretty odd).

Then it focuses on Bikini Bottom—only for there to be a police investigation due to a customer not having cheese in his crabby patty. SpongeBob saves the day by placing cheese in the guy’s sandwich and is cheered for as the Krusty Krab manager… but it was all just a dream.

Nevertheless, SpongeBob looks forward to earning his position as the new manager. However, the prize is given to Squidward, leaving poor SpongeBob heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Plankton envies Mr. Krabs’ expanding business and steals not only the secret formula to the crabby patties, but also King Neptune’s crown. King Neptune angrily blames Mr. Krabs for it and freezes him with his rake. It is up to SpongeBob and Patrick to save everything.

As usual, the humor succeeded very much and I laughed my brains out throughout the film. I especially found the part where Patrick and SpongeBob ate so much ice cream and got drunk because of it.

The fact that SpongeBob and Patrick like to have fun and be silly, especially with things that often appeal to kids, such as bubbles entertained me.

When their burger car gets stuck on the road, the two go into a bar full of violent fish. They find bubbles in the soap, and shout, “Hooray! Bubble Party!”

But that leaves a poor impression on the others, because they believe that bubble-blowing is for babies and anyone who plays with bubbles will be beaten. One of the fish uses the “Goofy Goober” song to find out which “baby” played with the bubbles. SpongeBob and Patrick struggle to resist singing along, which is the test on who that “bubble-blowing baby” is.

As SpongeBob and Patrick tremble and sweat, the fish trying to figure out who played with the soap bubbles in the bathroom sings the lyrics to “Goofy Goober” to them. That cracked me up, as well.

Eventually, there was a rock-version of the song, called “Goofy Goober Rock.”

Speaking of rock, it’s unknown how SpongeBob got a supernatural guitar and costume when he freed the Bikini Bottom citizen being Plankton’s controlled slaves. I felt it was too much of a deus ex machina moment, which is when something saves the day with little to no believability and merely for plot convenience, just out of nothing.

Yet the scene intrigues me – it really does make me want to rock to the song. One part that makes me laugh is when SpongeBob sticks his tongue out, and a mini version of him comes out, and does a silly dance.

Other deus ex machina moments include David Hasselhoff taking SpongeBob and Patrick back to the ocean (and being a perfectly good swimmer and literal human motor) and when the water revived all the dead sea creatures in Shell City.

Unless the sprinklers had magic in them, it was pretty unbelievable. Someone on YouTube made a good point about that.

Except for Patrick and SpongeBob, who had just recently and briefly drowned in the air, pouring water onto dead sea animals would not bring them back to life.

But maybe the water was enchanted, since SpongeBob and Patrick’s tears traveled to a nearby outlet and caused the emergency sprinklers to come on.

Despite saving them out of nowhere, those parts satisfied me – I even felt a bit teary when SpongeBob and Patrick were drowning in Shell City, singing the lyrics to “Goofy Goober” loudly. Plus, I always yearn for good things to happen to the good characters, and bad things to occur with the villains.

In fact, long after SpongeBob and Patrick left Bikini Bottom, King Neptune’s daughter, Princess Mindy, told SpongeBob and Patrick that they were the only ones left who could receive the crown. All the other residents in Bikini Bottom have become Plankton’s slaves with their mind-controlling bucket helmets that Plankton had given out to them while envying Mr. Krabs for expanding his business.

However, King Neptune and his servants (at least one of them), were not under the curse of Plankton’s helmets. So, they technically could have contributed somehow. But King Neptune was too insecure about his baldness (or what he called thinning) to go out.

Which reminds me—it was not nice for the Bikini Bottom residents to freak out over King Neptune’s baldness. Not just because he was the ruler, but it’s also rude in general. You never make fun of or freak out over somebody being bald.

What else is ironic is that a lot of the Bikini Bottom dwellers don’t have hair. So, that would put them in the same boat as King Neptune, even if he abused his power. I supported Mindy when she asked him to use kindness and compassion instead.

Like the YouTuber, Brooks Show, I have to agree that Mindy is a bit like Velma from “Scooby Doo.” Part of her also reminds me of Ariel and King Neptune as Triton in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” Their beliefs and relationship are quite similar.

Another part I would like to comment on include the cyclops, who is really just some guy in a diving suit. But I think he is an extreme psychopath. Brooks Show also made another good point that he didn’t have to be in that big suit once on land.

When Patrick’s Goofy Goober underwear showed after SpongeBob believed that the two were just kids, Patrick ran away in tears without pulling his shorts up. I whispered, “Pull your pants up,” and then SpongeBob did the same. What a coincincence.

The other song I love from this movie is “Now That We’re Men.” Mindy “turns” SpongeBob and Patrick from kids into men by providing them with seaweed mustaches. In one of the verses, a creature rips off Patrick’s shorts, and Patrick reveals that he changed his underwear, which is plain white. But then his shorts come back on.

That’s no problem for me. Unrealistic things happen in cartoons a lot, especially if magic exists them.

I rate “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie” 5 out of 5 stars.

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