Review of the 2011 Film, “Winnie-the-Pooh”

Pooh-Bear wakes and realizes that he is hungry for honey – only to find none in his home at all. Meanwhile, Eeyore’s tail is missing.

So, each animal makes a deal that whoever finds Eeyore the best replacement for his tail wins. However, no one succeeds. And poor Pooh still struggles with his rumbling stomach.

While looking for honey, Pooh goes to Christopher Robin’s place – but finds a note from him that he has gone out and will be back soon.

The animals, however, take it the wrong way, and mishear it as “Backson.” They even sing a song about the “backson” being a monster that destroys nice items. So, they go on a quest to find the “backson” and save Christopher.

Although this film was the last 2D film Disney has planned to make, it didn’t please me as much as I hoped.

While the characters struggled and deserved sympathy, they also made some poor choices, including those that went beyond boundaries (you read that right).

They also lacked the intelligence I would expect in characters. Pooh felt overwhelmed by reading, especially long words, and did not know what paragraphs were.

During the “Backson” song, the first concern from the creatures was the monster scribbling in people’s books. Geez. 

Owl seemed the smartest out of all the creatures, although his intelligence didn’t meet my expectations for fictional characters. I did, however, admire his ambition to work on a memoir. 

Speaking of which, the characters did gain more likability throughout the film, despite how many facepalms I’ve made while watching it. The movie also had great twists and turns that varied from upsetting to beyond satisfactory.

I also found it interesting how the characters envisioned the backson beast. He resembled Eduardo from “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends,” a Cartoon Network show from the mid-2000’s.

Pooh went through a lot, but I felt that he could have shown stronger traits, as well as most of the other characters, except Owl, Rabbit, and even Kanga. She showed sympathy and concern, which makes her likable.

The red balloon finally makes sense to me after I’ve seen 2018’s “Christopher Robin.” If you’ve seen it, too, you can read it here. But I found it bizarre that it never popped, although it did give Tigger’s fur static. I guess the creators added a little bit of believability.

I rate this film 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

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