My Journey with “Chicken Little” (2005)

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When the ads and trailers for “Chicken Little” were promoted in 2005, I remember getting excited about the film. I even announced its release on the day it came out in 7th grade math class, after the teacher proclaimed that it was the last day of the 1st quarter.

Then came the moment I saw it in the theaters and enjoyed it. I liked it so much that I was bummed when I couldn’t see it on a Girl Scout trip to the movies later on.

I remained a “Chicken Little” fan for many months, even predicting what the DVD cover would look like. I would continue to view the movie once released on DVD.

After time, though, I drifted apart from the film, and became neutral with what I thought of it. I neither loved it nor hated it.

Years later, I discovered that the movie did very poorly and received tons of negative reviews from the general public. Most people disliked it a lot. It even received a 36% on Rotten Tomatoes (although there are movies that earned lower scores on that site).

Because I had moved on from “Chicken Little,” it didn’t bother me that people loathed it. There are unpopular movies that I love so much that it hurts me that they receive terrible reputations from the public.

And then a YouTube channel, called “Cinemasins” (where a guy points out different issues in different movies, but not in a hurtful way), sinned “Chicken Little.” I watched it, and learned that my opinion on the movie has changed.

Despite the narration dominating much of the video, meaning the viewer would hear less of the film’s audio, I still discovered what I thought of “Chicken Little” as an adult. 

First, the beginning seemed fine and I thought to myself, This isn’t so bad. I don’t see why people hate it so much. But after that, I got antsy and bounced a lot, thus losing my attention in the imagery. This is when I entered the majority.

In spite of having a super-large opening and attendance when the movie was first released, many people gave it various complaints. One stated that the humor was mean-spirited. Another said that Disney tried to compete with Dreamworks – yet failed, by putting in multiple pop culture references randomly.

However, a good percentage of the reviews I’ve read said that they thought that maybe younger kids would still enjoy it.

So, unlike when I was a child, I would not watch “Chicken Little” today. I even discovered on Wikipedia that there was going to be a sequel, but it got canceled (no surprise).

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