Review of “Robin Hood” (1973)

There are many adaptations of the Robin Hood legend. This one, however, is done with animal characters and even a rooster as the narrator. Although he is telling the story, he sometimes makes appearances in it.

There is also this evil King John and his wicked, but humorous, snake companion, who wants to steal everyone’s money. Robin Hood and his buddy, Little John, do everything they can to save the citizens from the malicious royalty.

The characters were memorable and likable. Although King John was the villain, he expressed his actions in a very immature way.

The most common one was where he’d whine for his mommy and suck his thumb. Robin Hood was compassionate and caring. He showed sympathy to this child rabbit named Skipper when the mayor stole his birthday gift, which was money.

Speaking of which, right before that moment, the siblings sing “Happy Birthday” to Skipper, even though this story is supposed to be set in medieval times. And “Happy Birthday to You” was not written until the 19th century (1800’s). So, that’s achronological. The same goes for the balloons – which also didn’t exist during the middle ages.

But the main pitfall of this movie was that it didn’t engage me a lot. It’s hard to say why. Some movies have that mysterious engaging element, however, this film barely had it.

Aside from the weaknesses I stated, I found a lot of perks, too. A major one is the kindness of both Robin Hood and Maid Marion, his love interest.

Skipper and his many siblings got to play sports with Maid Marion, who also showed compassion toward them. It was so sweet, especially when the rabbit children spent time with her.

Even though there were a good number of emotional moments and kind acts from Robin Hood or Maid Marion to the rabbit children, the film could have added elements that could have engaged me more. They could have included things, like humor or additional emotional scenes.

I give Robin Hood 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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