My Favorite “Drake and Josh” Episodes

When I was a child, I watched a lot of Nickelodeon. While I enjoyed cartoons like “The Fairly Odd Parents,” “Jimmy Neutron,” and many more, I also watched the live-action shows. However, it was not until I was about twelve or so that I started viewing the live-action programs.

My favorite one of those shows was “Drake and Josh,” which focused on two teenage step brothers who constantly bickered and received pranks from their little sister, Megan. The humor in the program made me laugh a lot. While I enjoyed pretty much every episode I have seen, I am going to rank my top favorite episodes. Number 1 will represent the best, in my opinion.

Note: The show did not present the titles before the first scenes. But these are the real titles of the episodes

3: “Sheep Thrills” – Season 3

Drake and Josh discover a sheep that Megan has bought offline. Megan convinces them to watch the sheep, called “Baaab,” but they refuse. Then Megan promises no pranks for three months, so they accept the offer.

Baaab does not seem right. Megan claims that he is breathing weird. So, she and her brothers get a person-doctor down the street. He and the three kids discover that Baaab was pregnant and has given birth to a lamb. So, the sheep turns out to be female.

When the parents come home, Drake and Josh try to hide the two sheep by acting strangely. How far will that take them?

This episode had a lot of humor, too. Although this would be dangerous in real life, I liked when Drake tried to feed the lamb soda. The sheep also cracked me up at times, such as when Baaab stuck her head out of the kitchen opening.

2: “Megan’s New Teacher” – Season 3

Josh is offered a position from a program where high school students can educate younger kids. He does not please anybody since he over-challenges the students beyond what they can learn. This causes Megan’s classmates to turn on her, especially after they all fail a super-difficult pop quiz Josh had given them. 

At some point Megan goes to her classmate, Katie’s, birthday party—only to discover that she was uninvited because of Josh. Later Drake and Megan sulk over what Josh ruined for them. Josh continues to resist their demands and plans to keep challenging the students. Drake and Megan come up with a plan to get Josh fired. Will it work?

Unlike many episodes, this was one of the few where Megan and Drake worked together. I found that very pleasing. The Josh piñata at Megan’s classmate’s birthday party cracked me up, as well as how Megan continued to show disrespect to Josh after he started teaching her class. She even still called him a boob, and Josh got offended, so she addressed him as, “Mr. Boob.”

I also admired the video of clowns fighting each other with a chicken that cracked Megan’s classmates up. But Josh had intended to show a video about the properties of matter.

1: “Two Idiots and a Baby” – Season 1

Drake practices his guitar while Josh works on making a catapult. Their mom gets ready to have dinner with their dad’s boss, Mr. Galloway. But their dad says that Mr. Galloway has just called him, devastated that he won’t get the promotion promised since the Galloways’ babysitter canceled on them. Josh offers to babysit for his dad’s boss, which cheers him up. But Drake gets mad since his band is supposed to perform that night at a venue. 

After Mr. and Mrs. Galloway drop off the baby Josh promised to watch, some ringing wakes him up and he cries. After Drake and Josh try to cheer the baby up, someone in his band suggests that his diaper might need to be changed. So, they change him, but run out of diapers. So, they use a curtain instead.

After accidentally breaking a toy that sang, “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad,” Drake and Josh sing it themselves to lull the baby. The baby somehow goes missing, and that stresses Josh out. It’s only a matter of time for him to find the infant before their parents and the Galloways come back.

This episode has some funny moments that still stick to me now. I love when Josh tries to play Marco-Polo to get the baby to answer when he can’t find him. Rather than acknowledging that babies can’t talk, Josh just finalizes with “Babies don’t swim,” instead. The curtain as the diaper substitute was also hilarious. I especially like the line from Josh, “Now we’ve got a naked baby and no diapers. What are we gonna use?” Then Drake looks up at the curtains.


Despite moving on from it starting in my teens, I actually reunited with it not long after the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020. And its humor pleases me just as much as when I was a kid.

I would recommend checking it out on any platform of TV shows, whether it’s digital or a DVD set.

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