My Favorite Cat Videos on YouTube

Millions of people enjoy cat videos – including myself. Everyones’s preferences for cat videos differ.

Here are my favorites:

Wiggle – Cats Can Dance Better than You

I’ve recently gained interest in cat videos – specifically those with mother cats bonding with or protecting their kittens.

This video features some kittens (without their mom) moving their heads along with the song, “Wiggle,” by Jason Derulo. It lasts a short amount of time, but it combines hip hop with cuteness.

The one that pops bubbles, which amuses a baby

Lots of folks love videos of animals and babies together. While I don’t go crazy over them, this one is an exception. The name of the clip is called “Cat Enjoys Popping Bubbles with a Toddler.”

You can search it on YouTube since I avoid posting links to the clips here. Not just for copyright reasons, but YouTube videos often go away for mysterious reasons.

Anyway, as the cat pops bubbles, the baby laughs. The video runs for 25 seconds.

Any clip with mother cats bonding or protecting kittens

This all started with a video suggestion of a kitten having a nightmare and the mother cat holding it as an act of comfort. Sadly, the clip lacks sound, which does stink since it would have evoked more emotions to the viewers. After all, kittens have high-pitched meows. 

This is not the only video of kittens and their biological moms. YouTube provides a good number of compilation clips where mamma cats either protect or bond with their young. I also admire the ones where the mom cats hiss when people or animals try to touch their babies. 

The kitty cat dance

Unlike the others I mentioned, this video doesn’t feature real-life footage. Rather, it shows a computerized cat (likely the pet of the uploader) who performs silly dance moves. The guy who voices over sings a rap stating the phrases for the cat. Examples include “I’m a kitty cat,” “I dance, dance, dance,” and “I meow, meow, meow.”

In between those parts, the audience sees pictures of the cat lying on a bed and the man singing in a quicker and harder rock style.


Cat videos remain some of the most popular content on the web. Who doesn’t enjoy cuteness and entertainment at the same time?

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