The Most Memorable “Beavis and Butthead” Moments for Me

I’ve been aware of this show for many years, but didn’t start watching it until my early 20’s. After all, it was on TV in the 90’s, when I was a baby.

Nevertheless, I did see some of the series. These are my favorite and most memorable moments.

The time the 2 boys wouldn’t take showers after gym

From the episode, “Wet Behind the Rears,” Coach Buzzcut requires all students to shower. But Beavis and Butthead refuse.

Once the shower area is clear, they go to it – only to keep their underwear on. Coach Buzzcut gives them a hard time… until the fire alarm goes off. He forces the boys out in front of everyone and they laugh at him.

This episode remains one of my favorites, despite not seeing too many Beavis and Butthead episodes. I loved when they got laughed at by the other students as well as the principal and Coach Buzzcut during the fire drill.

When they learned animation in class

This comes from the episode, “Animation Sucks.” The teacher, Mr. Van Driessen, teaches the students about animation. Then he assigns the class to animate their own projects. Beavis and Butthead choose to animate dead people and random things that happen to them.

I admired the moment when their Classmate, Cassandra, pointed out that for animation, they have to do lots of drawings. But the idea of calling dead people cool could offend those who lost loved ones. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this episode.

When Butthead wanted to order a butt

Although I don’t know what episode this came from, Butthead stood in the drive-thru and asked to order a butt. 

Even though that’s gross and impossible, and I’m sure you can’t stand in a drive-thru in real life, this moment was still funny.

When they envisioned themselves as cave people during a class lecture on evolution 

The boys’ teacher, Mr. Van Driessen, talked about prehistoric times and cave people in class. Meanwhile, Beavis and Butthead imagined themselves as cavemen showing love to cavewomen. 

I was surprised that the boys occasionally talked during their daydream since cave people hadn’t developed language yet. But their ideas were still interesting.

The opening to the 1996 film

Unlike many movies, this one started abruptly with people panicking as Beavis and Butthead were giants walking in a city. It was so hilarious.

When their principal expelled them in the 1996 movie, Beavis and Butthead Do America

After Beavis and Butthead discover that their TV has been stolen, they take one from their school – only for it to break. The principal then expelled them.

Later, the boys look for someone through different hotel rooms, and they stumble across a room where their principal happens to be staying in. He then says, “Beavis and Butthead, go away. You’re expelled.” LOL.


I might discover more Beavis and Butthead moments that could please me. For now, these are the best ones in my opinion.

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