Memorable Moments in “My Name is Earl”

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I haven’t watched a lot of the show’s episodes. So, I am no expert in the series. However, there are a few memorable moments I’d like to share.

Before I start, though, I will discuss what I do know about the show. Earl Hickey, the main character of the series, lives in a small town and narrates a bit about himself before each episode.

However, the show only had a few seasons since it had to end thanks to the recession in 2009.

Now, I will share the most memorable moments.

1: The birthday party for orphans – there were balloons and decorations set up. It was a general birthday party for any orphaned child. There was even a little girl eating a cookie. What a sweet idea.

The next two moments are pretty crude, though.

2: A flashback of Earl and his friend as children making fun of a girl with a mustache – you never make fun of anyone for any reason. That is called bullying.

Anyway, the girl with the mustache grew up to be a woman with a beard.

While women usually don’t have facial hair, there are rare cases of those that do. That character might’ve been one of them. Yet, people associate bearded woman with circuses. Not very cool.

3: Another flashback of Earl as a boy going off the high dive in his t-shirt – Earl was about to go off the high diving board with his shirt on. But the lifeguard would not let him. Either he had to take his shirt off or go down the ladder.

He took off his shirt—only to have hair in his nipple areas. The other children laughed and Earl went down the ladder.

Pretty embarrassing, huh?


I have not caught up with the TV show in a long time. I probably won’t. I only watched “My Name is Earl” because my brother was watching it. Nevertheless, it was funny.

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