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There are so many things to love about The SpongeBob Musical, which ran on Broadway briefly in 2018. I didn’t see it live, but I did get to watch it on DVD at a friend’s house.

Below is an overview of the story and my thoughts on it:


The story begins in the deep seas of Bikini Bottom. Every character is introduced, starting with SpongeBob, of course. Then comes the rest of the major characters, including:

  • Patrick 
  • Squidward
  • Sandy
  • Mr. Krabs
  • Pearl 
  • Plankton 
  • Karen the Computer Wife

The show also includes Larry the lobster, Mrs. Puffs, and Gary the snail (who is “played” by an inanimate object with a different meow sound).

Everything is going wonderfully… until the mayor of Bikini Bottom announces a volcano is about to erupt and demands stay-at-home orders.

Regardless of that, SpongeBob still remains highly confident that things will turn out okay.

After the other Bikini Bottom residents panic, SpongeBob gathers Patrick and Sandy to stop the volcanic eruption with Sandy’s bubble machine.

Meanwhile, Plankton plans to stop SpongeBob’s plan to halt the Volcano eruption. He also points out that the citizens should evacuate instead.

It’s only a matter of time whether Bikini Bottom is saved or not.

My thoughts 


First, I must say how much I enjoyed this show overall, despite how I didn’t get to see it on Broadway in person. 

Nevertheless, it possessed lots of strengths.

Like many others have said, the music performed greatly. In other words, it was fantastic and phenomenal.

The songs are so catchy that I like to dance and snap my fingers to them. Some are also beautiful to the point where I put my hand on my heart.

The show did not have what you’d normally expect in SpongeBob or any Nickelodeon program. For example, it was the complete opposite of lighthearted, unlike the cartoon. Therefore, this isn’t for the faint of heart. 

That being said, it’s great for all ages, both adults and kids. Like the cartoon, I laughed hysterically a lot. Thank goodness the slapstick humor stayed true to the premise, while taking the viewer deeply into the story.

Another perk is the singing of the song, “The Best Day Ever.” Do you love that song? I do. The lyrics are changed a bit, though, for the plot of the show.

Speaking of which, I didn’t expect a plot that intense, especially for SpongeBob. But, hey–surprises matter in storytelling, whether it’s written or visual.

Now let’s talk about the performance aspects.


The acting excelled! Not only did the casting crew cast the perfect actors for each character, each performer also portrayed his or her role exactly how they should have.

It resulted in strong and accurate character interactions. The choreography also succeeded beyond what I expected. How the performers acted and moved during the story’s stressful moments blew my mind. The costume designs were also wonderful, especially with Squidward and his extra legs. 

While this show was outstanding, It is not without its flaws or moments that could have been better. 

But instead of calling them weaknesses, I will say… 

Less-Pleasing Moments

When SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy are on their way to stop the volcanic eruption, a bunch of sardines that resemble a gospel choir come to Patrick to worship. It felt to me as a religious reference.

Not only is that out of premise for SpongeBob, but also Nickelodeon, in general. It is also not typically suitable for child-friendly entertainment. 

Another moment that I didn’t exactly favor was how the second act went at times. It was more lighthearted than the first act. 

But what I found a little weak was the slight detraction from the main plot a bit. I won’t spoil anything. However, the characters didn’t always act or react to the main conflict believably. 

The final “flaw” was how seeing this on the screen didn’t give me enough emotional effects than if I saw it in-person. 

Nevertheless, it was about as good, especially at this time. 

Unexpected Twists

When the second act starts, Patchy the pirate, and his pals, perform a silly song about the pirate’s life, called, “Poor Pirates.” Then they’re “forced off the stage” by security. 

Obviously, this was planned and part of the show. Otherwise, the pirates would have been arrested.

But the best twist is how this musical became available on DVD.

Other Broadway shows have been available to stream digitally during the Covid-19 pandemic. But many have discontinued. 

So, The SpongeBob Musical coming to DVD meant a lot to me.


5 out of 5 stars! Hands down!

You’re looking to buy this on DVD, I would gladly recommend it. But don’t wait. It might not be available for so long. 

Then again, it could.

Thanks for reading this. Hope you have the best day ever!

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